Passion Cove: Sorority Reunion

Lesley S. Taylor, Kimberly Rowe, Angela Cornell,  & Triana Lavey

Sorority Reunion is the 12th  episode of the first season of Passion Cove, which debuted on Cinemax in the year 2000. Written by Karen O’Hara and directed by Carlton McRae, this episode stars Lesley S. Taylor, Kimberly Rowe, Angela Cornell and Triana Lavey as Diane, Julie, Chris, and Annie. four women who were sorority sisters and best friends when they were in college together. They lost touch after college, as they all went their separate ways, but Julie recently reached out to all of them and rented the Passion Cove house from Samantha (Caroline Ambrose) for a weekend, for a little mini-vacation for their four ladies to spend together to catch up. 

I guest the Diane character is technically the main star of the episode, as it opens with her at home with her boyfriend Adam (Christopher John Kapanke,) as she packs her luggage to get ready for the trip. As he helps her pack, Adam teases Diane about whether she and any of her friends ever hooked up in college, but she insists that they didn’t and just laughs off the suggestion, basically saying that Adam’s watched too many sorority-themed porn films. But Adam gets turned on thinking about the idea and the two of them have sex before he then drives Diane to the Passion Cove house and drops her off.

The ladies are all happy to see each other and spend the first day laying out by the pool in bikinis, with them all being surprised when Annie takes off her top revealing that she’s pierced her nipples, but they just say that was always “the wild one of the group,” as well as eating together and just talking. At one point, while laying outside in the sun, Annie starts rubbing suntan lotion on Diane’s back. And eventually she moves down and starts massaging Diana’s ass, which feels good to Diane. As this goes on both Chris and Julie notice what’s happening and look at each other with curious expressions, but nobody says anything. 

But then it becomes clear that this action has aroused the passion of each woman as they each begin checking each other out, seductively looking at each other bodies as they walk around each other, but again nobody says anything as they continue to act like everything’s normal. There’s a nice scene that switches back and forth between Chris naked in the shower and Julie naked in a bathtub, as each woman masturbates. 

The next day Diane is in the hot tub outdoors, in her bikini, when Annie comes out and gets in with her completely naked. Then Annie comes on to Diane, asking if she’s ever thought about being with a woman. Diane says yes, and Annie says she’d love to be her first (which implies that Annie’s been with women before) and the two women have sex. When they finish we see that Julie was watching the whole thing from an upstairs balcony in the house and she turns around and sees Chris behind her and the next thing you know the two women are in bed together having sex. 

Later that afternoon, as the four women are back laying out in the sun, all of them naked this time, Adam shows up, apparently earlier than planned, to pick up Diane. But she convinces him to stay there with her for the night and they’ll leave the next day. That night Diane and Adam are in bed and Adam starts teasing Diane again about hooking up with her friends and when Diane says that she has, he initially thinks she’s just joking, playing along with his fantasy. But then suddenly Annie appears at the doorway in her bra and panties and quickly takes them off to join the couple in bed, where they have a hot threesome.

Alright, hot lesbian action, what’s not to love? The build-up to the four platonic, supposedly straight, friends all turning hot for each other was kinda weak, but I think that may have been on purpose? Like this episode was deliberately parodying the silly sorority girl porn scenes that Adam was fantasizing about in the beginning, showing that even though Diane laughed at his comments, the weekend did end up turning out just like he thought it would. So I guess in that sense it worked. While Angela Cornell and Kimberly Rowe appeared in several other softcore productions, this was Lesley S. Taylor’s first and only credited acting role on IMDB (same for Triana Lavey, but she went into producing and talent management so she’s still in show business), which is a shame as I would have liked to see her in some other softcore roles.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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