Double D Dude Ranch

double d dude ranch

This film is credited as being written and directed by Jamie Grefe, but if I didn’t know better I would have sworn that this was a Jim Wynorski film, and that Grefe was simply one of Wynorski’s many pseudonyms. Released in 2016 it has all the hallmarks of Wynorski’s softcore features in the 2010’s: cheap production values, a bare-bones plot, and good-looking cast of characters who get naked at the drop of the hat and simulate sex in fast-paced scenes with uptempo dance music playing that end with the female characters looking directly at the camera. But no, Jamie Grefe is an actual real person. There is a claim on the IMDB page for this film that Wynorski was originally attached to direct.

I can save myself in this review, and just post the IMDB summary:

When an beautiful but greedy and conniving temptress attempts to take over the DD Dude Ranch the very busty owner and sexy Ranch Hands that work there must pull together to outsmart her and thwart her evil plan.

Bridgette B. stars as Diana Dean, the owner of the Double D Dude Ranch, which has been in her family for six generations. Frankie Cullen and Romeo Price play Clint and Lucky Luke, her two male ranch hands. Andy San Dimas is Penelope, Allie James is Annie, Raven Rockette is Shyla and Kaylani Lei is Jill, these are all women who have just arrived at the ranch to start working there.

Kali Kavelli is Sherri Underwood, a neighboring developer who wants to buy the ranch, apparently to tear it down to make way for a highway or something. She’s tried to convince Diana to sell to her before, but Diana always refuses. So Sherri starts to play dirty, trying to force Diana to sell, including sabotaging the ranch’s water supply. But when that doesn’t work, things start to get violent…

Also in the cast is Nick Manning as Sherri’s henchman Dirk, Gigi Allens plays an unnamed woman who is an inspector for an oil company, and there’s also another man who isn’t named in the film nor listed in the credit, so I don’t know who he’s supposed to be except that he’s connected to Sherri.

The film is about an hour and thirteen minutes long and during that time we get eleven sex scenes.
Six of the scenes are B/G. Frankie Cullen has scenes with Bridgette B., Andy San Dimas and Kali Kavelli. Kavelli also has scenes with Nick Manning and the unnamed actor. And Romeo Price and Gigi Allens have a scene.
Three of the scenes are lesbian scenes. There’s Allie James and Bridgette B. together, Allie James and Andy San Dimas together, and a foursome with Allie, Bridgette, Raven Rockette and Kaylani Lei.
There’s a threesome scene with Romeo, Raven, and Kaylani.
And there’s a big finale group scene, with Allie, Bridgett, Raven, Kaylani, Andy, Frankie and Romeo.

The story is silly, and the acting is amateurish, so based on that this film would get like TWO STARS.

But Goddamn, the sex scenes are all smokin’ hot! All of the women in here are gorgeous, and that IS the main reason that we watch these softcore films, isn’t it? So for the sex scenes, this film gets a Chacebook rating of FIVE STARS.

Seriously, buy this film and just skip through to the sex scenes, you’ll be more than satisfied.

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  1. I am looking for the movie double d dude ranch with Allie James starring in seen it on showtime and been looking for it since then.


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