SIN CITY DIARIES episode 5: The Midnight Show

Written by Doug Miller and directed by Sam Melo, this is a very weird episode of this series.

Troy Mittleider stars as Paul, a writer who is looking for some “inspiration.” Angelica has arranged for him to be able to spend the weekend in an abandonded building that is due to be ton down soon. The building used to be a real popular club back in the 1950’s called The Satin Room. As he stays there, Paul reads an old newspaper about a pianist named Harry who shot himself to dealth at the club in 1953, and starts reading about that story. At night he suddenly finds himself transported back to 1953, where he now is in the body of Harry (we still see him as himself, but whenever he looks into a mirror he sees the reflection of the real Harry – played by Darrin Bradford). Mark Weiler plays Nick, the sleezy own of the club, Hannah Harper plays Nick’s wife Monica, whos is also a singer at the club, and Vanessa Lane plays Gloria, whom I presume works at the club in some capacity but it’s never clear, but she and Nick are blatantly having an affair. It turns out that Monica and Harry are also having an affair, and Monica is trying to convince Harry to rob Nick by breaking into his safe, so the two of them can run away together. But if Nick catches them, someone could end up dead.

So that’s the story, is basically Paul trying to relive the events of the past to see what really happened. But can he change history? Should he? And is this real or all a dream? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!

There are three full sex scenes, one between Mark Weiler and Vanessa Lane which is really hot, one between Troy Mittleider and Hannah Harper which is, surprisingly not that good, and a scene that starts off as threesome between Weilder, Vanessa and Harper, but ends with just two of them together. Both Vanessa and Hannah also get nude in other scenes. But none of the scenes could save this episode for me, the story seemed out of place for the premise of the series, there was no need to go “supernatural” or involve time travel. I hate to say it, because this is a good series overall, but you can just skip this episode.


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  1. Is this episode only available on Amazons United States website or is it available on their other sites including their United Kingdom website where I am from as I cannot use Amazon Prime United States as I can only use Amazon Prime United Kingdom?


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