“Strippers of Mars” by Natalee Wood

This story is part 2 of Natalee Wood’s Mars trilogy, and it takes place ten years after the events of the first story, Breast Monsters From Mars. And there’s a pretty big continuity error right in the beginning of the story as the lead male character from the first story, Captain David Stone, is now referred to as Captain Brandon Stone. This was so surprising that I had to go back and re-read the first story just to make sure that I wasn’t misremembering it. He is referred to by name only once in the first story, he’s usually just addressed as “Captain Stone”, but when they land on mars as the first male martian attacks him, his partner Dr. Mary Woodcock, shouts out his name as David. And the promo for the story on Amazon still calls him David. So that’s a pretty big continuity error, even for a self-published story. 

2/21/21 EDIT: Author Natalee Wood has told me that she’s corrected this error in new editions of these stories.

Anyway, since we’re told that Brandon and Mary never made it back to Earth nor were able to send any communications back, NASA decided to send another crew. We’re told that it took so long because NASA wanted to make sure that they took enough precautions with the ship this time. Although despite it being 10 years later, it still takes 9 months to travel from Earth to Mars (you’d think the technology would have advanced a little during that time). This time the spaceship has a crew of three. Captain George Taylor, a tall well-built man with brown hair, Lt. Jessica Fox, tall and athletic with dark curly hair, and Dr. Melissa Johnson, a blond with “big tits and nice hips and ass.” And just like Brandon and Mary, they begin fooling around pretty much immediately.

First, Jessica gets George alone and comes on to him, she gets on her knees and starts blowing him. Then Melissa walks in and sees it, and is angry that Jessica made a move on the captain first, but then George invites her to join them, and she does. And thus we get several pages of a hot threeway where George fucks both women, the women take turns eating each other out, and then he cums in both of their mouths. And we’re told that this is just the beginning, as they continue their three-way fucking regularly for the entire nine-month trip. 

When they get to Mars, they land in the same area as the first crew and see the remains of the original spaceship. They go out searching the area and eventually come to a Martian village. We find out that in the past 10 years, Brandon has managed to take control of the community, with a harem of Martian women who follow his every command (as well as Mary, who is still with him) and he’s set up the village into a sort of mini-Las Vegas. He’s introduced the concepts of money, gambling, and sex work. He’s like a big major pimp or a mob boss. He kills Brandon and informs Jessica and Melissa that they belong to him now and won’t be going back to Earth. Despite the shock of the events, the ladies adapt to their new surroundings pretty quickly.

Jessica is forced to get on stage and join Riva, one of the Martian women from the first story, to dance and strip for the audience in the club that Brandon has built. While she’s doing that Brandon makes Melissa get naked and give him a blowjob while he sits and watches the show. Jessica and Riva end up making out on stage, to the delight of the audience, and just as they reach orgasm, so does Brandon as he shoots his load down Jessica’s throat. 

That’s where the story ends, at 32 pages. It’s pretty hot. I would have liked a little more of the action on Mars, particularly some more sex with the Martian women, but the scenes were got more than satisfying. Natalee Wood paints a very vivid picture with her writing. Once again, if you like sci-fi erotica, then check out this story. 

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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