Passion Cove: Behind The Scenes

Kim Sill (aka Kim Dawson)

Written by Christopher Byrne and directed by Robert Kubilos, Behind The Scenes is the 6th episode of Passion Cove, which originally aired in 2000. This episode revolves around the filming of an episode of a TV dating show. Kim Sill stars as Suzanne, the show’s producer, and Bobby Johnston is Ken, the cameraman. Dana Robbins and Marcus Newgard star as Katie and Ben. the two contestants of the show.

So the premise of this episode is that over the course of the weekend, Ken is supposed to film Katie and Ben getting to know each other and hopefully making a love connection. Except they’re not connecting as quickly as Suzanne would like, and she keeps trying to push them to become more sexual because that will look better on camera. This is because like all “reality” shows it’s heavily manipulated, if not outright faked. But Katie and Ben are resistant to Suzanne’s suggestions, even as they do start to become closer. Meanwhile, Suzanne and Ken are having an affair and keep getting frisky themselves. The episode ends with the show complete, and another twist ending.

This is another favorite episode of mine. Kim Sill, known as Kim Dawson at the time, from the mid-90’s to the mid-2000’s she was a staple performer in the softcore genre, and never disappointed with her performances. With her voluptuous figure and long blonde hair, she was a pleasure to look at, plus she was a good actress. And she did her usual great job in this episode, and her chemistry with Bobby Johnston, another softcore vet, is apparent. The other leads, Dana and Marcus, also do well. Strangely this was Marcus’ only acting credit.

We get three full sex scenes in this episode, two between Kim and Bobby and one between Dana and Marcus. Plus, there’s several other scenes where the characters get in various stages of undress and fool around without going all the way.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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  1. One of my favorite episodes, and for good reason: the luscious Kim Sill with her voluptuous twin endowments adorned in a sexy black bra, having a lusty romp in the back of a motor vehicle with Bobby Johnston (amusing how she kept kicking Johnston’s naked buns with her high-heeled shoe). Later, Sill and Johnston erotically encounter each other under the kitchen table while the other couple playfully engage in a game of strip poker only a few feet away. And the steam level continues to rise when Sill and Johnston thrust to perfect mutual completion poolside, while the other couple discreetly records the randy exchange of bodily fluids. Overall, a winning episode!


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