INSATIABLE WIVES (aka Animal Attraction)

Written by Helen Haxton and directed by Mike Sedan this 2000 film stars Stephanee LaFleur as Donna, a desperate housewife married to a man named Tom (Nicholas Franklin Bray) who owns a bar. Donna is sexually frustrated, feeling like Tom doesn’t pay enough attention to her, while Tom thinks she’s too demanding in bed and reckless. She suggests things like the two of them going out to have sex on a beach, but he worries about being caught and arrested for public indecency.

LoriDawn Messuri, Ahmo Hight, and Chanda Marie play Donna’s friends Annie, Sandra, and Marjorie, and each of them is also married, and initially seem to have much happier sex lives with their husbands than Donna has, and she envies them for that. That night, at Tom’s bar, Donna gets drunk and passes out, and over the course of the next three days having somehow swapped lives with each of her friends, where she is instead married to that friend’s husband and living in their house, while that one friend is instead married to Tom. This is an interesting concept, especially for a softcore film, it’s got sort of a Twilight Zone theme, mixed with It’s A Wonderful Life, in a way. Donna gets to see if the grass is indeed greener on the other side. Each new day takes a similar turn of events, she wakes up in bed in one of her friend’s houses next to their husband and eventually goes out to meet her friends at a park or a tennis court where she hears from the friend whom she’s switched with about being married to Tom. There’s also a running gag where each day she gets pulled over for running a stop sign and given a ticket by the same cop because she’s not used to driving a different car. And in each day, everyone else acts like everything is normal, only Donna knows that things have changed.

So, on day one, she wakes up married to Marjorie’s husband Jimmy (played by an actor credited here as Landon Michaels, but whom I remember appearing in the film Virtual Encounters 2 under the name Ethan Hunt), the next day she’s married to Annie’s husband Rich (Chris Johnston), and the third day she’s married to Sandra’s husband Manny (Michael Meyer). And then on the fourth day, she wakes up not married to anyone, and when finds her friends none of them know who she is, and she’s worried that she’s lost them all forever. But then finally on day five, she wakes up back in her own life, now having regained an appreciation for what a good husband Tom is and the life they have together. So all’s well that ends well.

As the leading lady, Stephanee LaFleur has to carry the majority of the film, and she does a great job. According to IMDB this was only her 6th professional acting credit, which makes her performance all the more impressive. She has to show a wide range of emotions throughout the film and does it well. Unfortunately, this is also her last credited acting role to date. I would have liked to have seen her in a lot more softcore films. The rest of the cast also do good jobs, although I did think LoriDawn Messuri was a bit wasted, I’ve enjoyed her in other roles, like Passion Cove, but she doesn’t even get a sex scene in this one. Oh well.

For the sex scenes that we do get, LaFleur is of course in most of them. She has four sex scenes, one with Nicholas Franklin Bray, one with Chris Johnston, one with Michael Meyer, and one with hardcore performer The Late Adam Wilde, who played a UPS delivery man that women had all fantasized about sleeping with. That last scene is the hottest one in this film, in my opinion. Adam really goes “wild” sucking on LaFleur’s nipples during that scene. She also has a solo striptease/lapdance scene.

Ahmo Hight also performs a solo striptease/lapdance for Nicholas Franklin Bay, but it’s shame we didn’t get an actual sex scene between them. She has two brief scenes with uncredited men, one is supposed to be a pizza delivery guy that she seduces, and another is a man that seduces her when she interviews for a job,  these are both meant to be flashback scenes as she’s telling her friends about it, so they’re not complete, which is a shame. The only other full sex scene is between Landon Michaels and Lizette Oliva, who plays Jimmy and Marjorie’s maid whom he’s having an affair with.

A few more complete sex scenes would have made this film perfect, but as such it’s still good enough for me to recommend with a Chacebook rating of FOUR STARS

I’ll not that the film has also been released under the name Animal Attraction, and often sold with the film Passion’s Desire which is renamed Animal Attraction II (although it came out first). But although the two films have the same writer and director there is no connection between the stories.

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