Sexual Chemistry

Written by Helen Haxton and directed by Mike Sedan this 1999 film was, according to some outtakes that play during the closing credits, shot under the title “Dr. Jeckyl and PMS”, which incredible lame but probably would have been better fitting as it would make it clear that this a screwball comedy, and that it’s inspired by the classic story Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Jeff Xander stars a Robert Louis (get it?), he’s a scientist working for a pharmaceutical company that’s trying to develop a new sex-enhancing drug to compete with viagra. Their team of top scientists has been working on various drugs to no avail and no have 5 days left to present something to the company’s board of directors, and whoever comes up with winning products is going to be promoted to head of the company. Robert develops a serum that he secretly tests on himself, and finds out that serum has the effect of transforming him into a sexy woman whenever he gets aroused. Stephanee LaFleur plays Robert’s female form, in which he tells his coworkers that he’s Heidi (get it?), Robert’s sister, who is helping him with his product. But now Robert has to figure out some way to stop these transformations before anyone finds out the truth, as well as find a way to finish his product in time, all the while dealing with a suspicious fiance, an unexpected visit from his mother, and a group of scheming coworkers who are all out to sabotage him. Hilarity ensues.

Well, not really, as the truth is this movie is not funny at all. All the attempted jokes and bits of comedy fall flat. The most interesting thing is that at one point Robert, as Heidi, gets so turned on that he actually has sex with another man, and right at the end as he climaxes he turns back into Robert. I don’t know how that is supposed to work, exactly, as Heidi is riding the man in the cowgirl position, but then when he turns back we see Robert sitting astride the man naked. But the other man has his and doesn’t notice, and Robert jumps off of him and hides under a desk (they were having sex in his office) before the man noticed. But…surely he would have felt that the vagina he was just inside has turned into a penis? I don’t know. And this film never addresses how seemingly heterosexual Robert feels about having had sex with another man now. And unlike the story this is loosely based on, Robert and Heidi do not have dual personalities, Robert is exactly the same person when he’s transformed into a woman, so he knows what he’s doing.

The saddest part is that that is the only sex scene involving LaFleur, and she is the reason I sought out this movie. After seeing her in the film INSATIABLE WIVES, which was also written and directed by Helen Haxton and Mike Sedan, I was so impressed with (and turned on by) her that I wanted to see more. She gets topless a bunch of other times in the film, but that’s it. Jeff Xander is okay as the lead, and he has two sex scenes with Chanda Marie who plays his fiance and fellow scientist Carol, and one with Raisa Ivanic, who plays an old friend of his who is also a witch (don’t ask) that he turns to for help with his transformations. Ivanic also has a sex scene with some other man, I didn’t catch his or his character’s name. Theodora Fredrickson and Michael Haboush play a couple who are acting as test subjects for Robert’s company, and they have a sex scene together. Isabella Gray, credited here as Betty Rudu, has a sex scene with a man, I didn’t catch his name either, but it doesn’t matter. Landon Michaels, also known as Ethan Hunt, is Robert’s coworker Max, that’s who has the scene with LaFleur.

But none of the scenes are decent, and with the weak script and non-convincing acting from most of the cast, I really can’t recommend this film. Watching it just makes me even more disappointed that Stephaneee LaFleur didn’t have a much longer career in softcore. Chacebook rating: TWO STARS

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