An Erotic Journey

Written by Anora Leachim and directed by Francis Locke this 2006 film from Torchlight Pictures is most notable to me because it features the Late Haley Paige. Paige plays…well, I don’t know her character’s name, because it’s never mentioned in the film nor is it listed in the credits. Trina Michaels, Daryn Darby and Danny Pape are the other three actors in this film. Trina is likewise never referred to by name. Darby is identified as Kate in the film, and I think Danny is referred to as Ken once. This is a strangely not uncommon trait of Torchlight Films, which are often rather light on “story.”

Warning: There will be spoilers ahead. Because why the fuck not?

So the film opens with Danny (I’m just to refer to them all by real names to keep it simple) out in “the middle of nowhere” where his car has broken down. He calls for a towtruck and Trina arrives. She not only drives the tow truck, but she owns a roadside motel across from where they are, and she tells Danny to go there and check in to room #3, where he can stay until his car gets fixed. Danny gets into his room and Darby comes in, calling him Greg. He doesn’t know why she’s calling him that name, but when she quickly starts coming on to him he just goes along with and they have sex.

Later Danny goes to see Trina at her desk, she tells him that his car will be ready tomorrow and he can stay overnight. When he asks about the motel, she tell that she herself bought it last year, her car had also broken down there and when she saw the place, which was abandoned, she bought it and plans to turn it into a unique “invite-only” roadside motel. Danny asks her about Darby and why she was insisting that he was some guy named Greg, Trina says that Darby works there and this will all make sense tomorrow. Danny just accepts that this is some kind of mystery.

And then we cut back to Danny’s room where we see Danny and Haley on the bed have sex.

When Danny gets back to his room, Haley is there by herself and the two of them have sex.

The next morning, Danny wakes up and goes back to see Trina at her desk, and she’s still mysterious about what’s going on. She shows Danny some pictures on her computer about what the motel looked like she bought, it’s really old, been around since the 1920’s. Then she reveals the mysterious secret, which is that she intends this motel to be like a fantasy brothel, where people check in to “be someone else” while they have their sexual experiences. She says when she say Danny on the road she decided to make him her first “experiment.” Danny’s fine with that, especially since she tell him that his weekend their was free. And then they have sex.

Then Danny goes back to his room where Darby and Haley quickly join him and they have a threesome. The Danny falls asleep…and suddenly he wakes up and he’s back outside where his car broke down. And Trina shows up with the tow truck, as Danny realizes the entire weekend was just a long…daydream?


Okay, the ending makes no sense. But then neither does the “story.” And the production values are garbage, other than the sets for the hotel room and Trina’s office, when we see Danny on the phone supposedly by his car on the road, it’s literally just a close-up of his and Trina’s faces with blank white space behind them. Torchlight’s movies are usually cheap but this seems extra cheap. I can’t imagine they spent much money on this film.

But, you know what saves this film? The sex scenes! I can’t deny, they’re all hot scenes. Danny Pape is a softcore pro, and all the women are smokin’ hot. Although there are only five scenes, they’re longer than usual for softcore. The shortest is about 8 minutes, the rest are around 18. So, at the very least I can recommend this to watch just for those.
Chacebook rating: THREE STARS

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