Passion Cove: Blind Date

Nenna Quiroz aka Alicia Moorland

This is the fourth episode of Passion Cove. Written by David Keith Miller and directed by Leland Price, “Blind Date” stars Nenna Quiroz and Susan Featherly as Jane and Elise, two longtime friends who’ve rented the Passion Cove house for a mini-getaway, as Elise is helping Jane get over a recent bitter breakup. Jane is really down, despite Elise’s best efforts to cheer her up, even at one point calling Samantha (Caroline Ambrose) to ask if they can get a refund if they leave the house early because she just wants to go home. But Samantha declines and convinces her to stay the whole weekend.

While relaxing on the beach, the ladies meet a couple of guys who come jogging by, Richard and David (Vince Vouyer and Ciaran Thompkins) and upon noticing the immediate attraction between Richard and David, Elise tries to convince Jane that what she needs is a weekend fling to get over her heartbreak. But Jane declines.

And so there’s your premise for this episode, Elise’s attempts to get Jane out of her shell and hook her up with Richard. Spoiler Alert: it eventually works. The title comes from the fact that Jane and David get together and plan a special date for Jane and Vince where the two are blindfolded and feed each other dinner. This is to showcase their heightened senses of taste, smell, and touch when they can’t see. Eventually, the blindfolds come off and the two finally make love. Alls well that ends well.

This is the best episode of the series, so far. This series tended to focus more on the “romance” of the sexual situations and felt like it was aimed more at couples than the average erotic softcore fare, and this episode is a prime example of how that can be done well. It’s shot beautifully and the cast members are all good actors.

The only thing keeping me from this from giving this episode a full 5 stars is how some of the sex scenes are shot. There are two sex scenes between Quiroz and Vouyer, the first one is a fantasy sequence and the second one is the “real” encounter. The first one is perfect, but the second one takes place at the same time as a sex scene between Featherly and Thompkins, so the camera switches back and forth between the two scenes. They’re hot, but I prefer it when we can focus on one couple at a time. And there’s a scene where, after sharing a bath together, Featherly is laying on a bed naked and masturbating, as Quiroz secretly watches her in the doorway while also masturbating. I wish they’d just gone ahead and had this be an actual lesbian sex scene between the two ladies. But maybe I’m just being greedy?

Still, overall, Blind Date is a great episode of Passion Cove worth watching. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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