Passion Cove: Lost Cowboy

Stephanee LaFleur

Lost Cowboy is the 9th episode of Passion Cove, which debuted in 2000. Written by Scarlett Rowe and directed by John Quinn, this episode start Jason Schnuit as Jimmy Don Wayborn, a famous Country singer. He’s become burnt out from his career, the touring, the groupies, etc., and wants to quit. His manager tries to convince him that he just needs a little break, and books the Passion Cove house for Jimmy to stay for a weekend by himself.

When Jimmy arrives there’s a woman named Angela, played by Stephanee LaFleur, who is finishing cleaning the pool. After a bit of a rocky meeting, where Angela mistakes Jimmy for a handyman after he helps her fix a water pump in the pool, Jimmy goes along with the charade, delighted that Angela doesn’t recognize him. He tells Angela that he heard that the house hasn’t been rented for the weekend and suggests that the two of them stay there together, and she agrees. Soon they’re flirting with each other and romance blossoms, leading to sex. But later when Angela innocently takes a picture of him with her camera, he suspects that she actually knows who he is and is planning to sell the picture to the tabloids. This leads to a fight and, yes, eventually, a reconciliation.

A relatively simple story. But it’s sold by the chemistry of the leads. Jason Schnuit and Stephanee LaFleur are great together. Schnuit is a veteran of softcore, I’ve seen him in many other films and TV shows and he always gave a good performance. LaFleur was a relative newbie in softcore, she appears to have only had a short active acting career (according to IMDB this was only her 5th of 6 credited acting roles), but she did an excellent job here and, man, she is smokin’ hot! With her voluptuous body and big breasts, she could have been a star in softcore if she’d kept up at it.

LaFleur and Schnuit had two full sex scenes in this episode, but LaFleur also gets nude or topless in several other scenes throughout the episode, so it’s fun to watch. Schnuit also has a sex scene with Suzan Shneider, who plays a random groupie that he picked up after a concert, at the beginning of the episode. There’s also the start of a sex scene between Roy Garcia, who plays Jimmy’s manager Erwin, and Crystal Craft, where she gets nude and he starts to kiss down her body but then the scene ends, which was unfortunate. Still, overall, this was one of the better episodes.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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  1. I loved this one,the chemistry between and Jason and Stephanee was so real!!! I really wish she would of acted in more softcore films!!


  2. I have just discovered that Crystal Craft is actually another name that a Pornstar called Venus uses and for some reason she has a separate Internet Movie Database page with titles listed where she uses her name Crystal Craft so I might have to ask the IMDB to merge the pages together


    • Ah, Venus! AKA Angelica Costello. I just checked the episode again and now I recognize her. I didn’t pay much attention at first because, as I noted, the scene she’s in is short and unfinished, and seemed rather pointless in this episode. But that’s her alright. Weird that I’ve reviewed several softcore films that she’s been in before. Judging by her IMDB as Angelica, it would appear that this episode was her first softcore acting credit. It shows she started performing in hardcore in 1999 first under the name Venus Rising, and then as Venus, with one credit as Monica, before they have her credited in the softcore film PASSION CRIMES, as Venus, in 2001. This episode was 2000, so I guess Crystal Craft was a new name she trying out to distinguish her from her hardcore roles but then decided not to stick with it for some reason.

      Edit: Oh, no, I see she did some other softcore film before this in 1999 called The Awakening of Gabriella. I should look that one up now.


      • You should also check Angelica Costello out in a softcore film called Passionate Encounters. She has a couple of sex scenes in the film including a hot sex scene at the end of the film with a guy called Burke Morgan. Here is the link to the IMDB page of the film which tells you the full cast.

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