Passion Crimes

Passion Crimes

Written by Janine Gosselin and directed by Rachel Gordon, the same creative team that would later give us ALL FOR LUST, this 2001 film stars Susan Featherly (under the name “Jen Dike”) as Heather, a corporate attorney who, for reasons which are never entirely made clear, is assigned by her law firm to respresent a man in criminal case. The man is Harry Fletcher (John Busse), who’s wife Raquel (April Flowers, under the name “Diana Espen”) has gone missing and is presumed dead. In the opening of the film we see Raquel by her car on the side of the road at night, calling Triple A because she has a flat tire, then see a masked figure run up and stab her with a knife. The body goes missing, but the police find the knife, which they say is “registered” to Harry, and has Raquel’s blood on it.

Harry swears that he has no idea what happened to Raquel, and had nothing to do with it. Over the course of the investigation, Harry gives Heather more information about his marriage, in which we learn although he and Raquel did fight occasionally, they also had a somewhat open marriage, which included having threesomes with their live-in maid, Rosa (Lauren Montgomery). Heather had just recently broken up with her boyfriend Jack (played by Larry Poston Jr.), who also happens to be her boss, due to his rejection of her suggestion that they move in together. Then, a few nights after, when had second thought about him, she went back to his place only to find him getting a blowjob from her best friend Lacey (Angelica Costello under the name “Venus”), in anger this drives her into Harry’s arms, and they begin having an affair, which compromises her handling of his case.

The mystery of the murder get complicated, as Harry is not the only suspect. Raquel also happens to have a wealthy father (played by Jay Richardson) who may have his own motives for getting rid of his daughter, and even some of the police officers in the case may be involved. This film harkens back to the erotic thrillers of the 90’s, so it tries to give us several twists and turns, while increasing the suspense until it all leads up to a dramatic finale where several characters lives are endangered. It’s a pretty good effort, which should keep you engrossed, even if some the little details don’t match up so well. I will say that although Featherlee and Busse have great chemistry together, their connection does seems to come out of left field, with no real build up. Still, it is a pretty good film, not only for the story but for the hot sex scenes.

Susan Featherly is the standout in this film. She’s very sexy, but in a “natural” sort of way (her big breasts look real to me), and she has a whopping six scenes, each one almost hotter than the next. She has a one on one scene with Poston, three scenes with Busse, and two threesome scenes, one with Busse and Montgomery, and one with Poston and Costello. She also has a solo masturbation scene where she gets naked. The other two full sex scene involve John Busse, one with Montogomery and then a threesome with Montgomery and Flowers. There’s also a scene with Poston and Costello in which Costello gets completely nude, but the scenes ends before it gets much further. Each scene is shot very slow and romantically, with soft music playing. I like it, and give this film a Chacebook rating of FIVE STARS

But, unfortunately, much like All For Lust, all I can find is the R-RATED version available on ioffer. I still have the UNRATED version on tape, and that’s the version that you really want to see. If that ever become available, I shall update this review.

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