Erotic Vampires of Beverly Hills


Here’s the latest softcore cinematic entry from writer/director Dean McKendrick. Daniel Hunter stars as the infamous Vlad Dracula, and Adriana Chechik plays his wife Morticia, while the sultry Sarah Hunter plays a vampire hunter named Alexa who is determined to track them down and kill them. When some trouble in their home nation of Transylvania causes Vlad and Morticia to relocate to their summer home in Beverly Hills, where they assume the identities of Dale and Tish and try to blend in with high society.

Jacqui Holland and Brandon Ruckdashel play Jane and Bob, a wealthy married couple who live in the mansion that Dracula and Morticia move next door to. Bob is an attorney who is busy working on an important case, and therefor rarely has time to spend with Jane, who keeps herself busy running a charity for homeless people, which has a rather unfortunate acronym and becomes a running gag throughout the film, as it hampers Jane’s ability to raise money and gain support for it. Jane immediately becomes suspicious of her new neighbors, especially after she goes over to meet them by herself and notices that neither of them has a reflection in the mirror. But when she tries to tell Bob that she thinks their neighbors are vampires, he simply dismisses her opinion. Jane even tries enlisting the help of Stacy, played by Jazy Berlin, who is a fellow lawyer at Bob’s law firm, to help her investigate “Dale” and “Tish”, to no avail.

But then Jane runs into Alexa, who has tracked Dracula and Morticia from Transylvania to Beverly Hills, who also confirms Jane’s suspicions and gets her to help set a trap to kill them once and for all. But when Dracula and Morticia discover Alexa’s presence in the city, they make their own plan to get rid of Alexa, who has been a thorn in their sides for too long…

So that’s all I’ll say about the film, story-wise, I don’t want to spoil the ending, after all. As far as softcore plots go, it’s not bad. But now let’s talk about the sex scenes!

There are 7 sex scenes in this film. First is Daniel Hunter and Cassandra Cruz, who plays a random woman (listed as “Maria” in the credits, although she’s not actually referred to by name in the film) that Dracula picks up in Transylvania and seduces in his castle. They start off face to face, standing with her back against the wall, then move to a chair where she sits in his lap in reverse-cowgirl (which turns out to be a recurring position in this film), then end on a carpet on the floor with him spooning her. Nothing really stands out about this scene, which is also covered in a lot shadows since it’s in a castle at night.

Next is Daniel Hunter and Adriana Chechik, in the dining room of their Beverly Hills mansion. It starts off romantic, with a lot of kissing, as they undress each other. Then she sits in a chair as he goes down on her. Then he sits in the chair as she rides him reverse-cowgirl, and it ends with her bent over the table as he does her doggystyle. Decent scene.

Then Brandon Ruckdashel and Jacqui Holland have sex. Starting off in their living room, also beginning with a lot of romantic kissing on the couch, then she goes down on him, and then he does her in the missionary position, until it suddenly cuts to them on the staircase, with her sitting on his lap in reverse cowgirl. This may have been the best sex scene in the film, although the change to the staircase was a little odd to me.

Then Brandon has a sex scene with Jazy Berlin, as their character’s have sex in his office. It starts with her going down on him in his chair, then him doing her doggystyle over his desk, then switching to missionary on the couch in his office, and ending with him going down her. This would be the second best scene although, again, the ending position seems like an odd choice.

Then we have the first of two lesbians scenes, this one with Jacqui and Sarah Hunter, back at Jane and Bob’s house, on their living room couch. There’s some brief kissing, then the women take turns going down on each other, and end with some scissor action. Despite the two VERY attractive actresses…this scene just fell flat to me. I don’t know if they just weren’t into each other, or what. But it could have been much hotter.

Daniel has sex Jazy, taking place in a public bathroom (at a night club). It starts with her standing, leaning back against one of the stalls, as he sucks on her breasts. Then she sits on the sink as he goes down on her, then they stand with her sort of leaning against the stalls as he does her from behind, and ends with them face to face she leans against the sink. An okay scene.

And the final scene is a lesbian threeway, with Adriana, Sarah, and Jacqui. It takes place in a dungeon in Vlad and Morticia’s mansion. It start with Adrian in the middle and she turns to kiss each woman, and then lick their breasts. Then Jacqui goes down on Adriana as Sarah kisses and caresses Sarah. Then Sarah goes down on Adrian as Jacqui eats out Sarah from behind. Then Jacqui and Sarah scissor each other, as Adrian sits next to them on the side, taking turns kisses each of them. It’s definitely hotter than the other lesbian scene, but still just seemed to be missing something, although I can’t quite explain what I mean.

The women are all good-looking, and Daniel and Brandon are both capable leading men, and overall it’s a decent film, but just not one of McKendrick’s best efforts. Chacebook rating: THREE STARS

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