Written and directed by Jim Wynorski, this 2007 film stars Frankie Cullen and Glori-Anne Gilbert was married couple Rob and Laura who, as the film opens, are driving to their new home in the city of Breastford, which is out in the mountains somewhere. On the way there theyp ull over to have a look around, and then they decide to have sex out in the woods. Then get back to the car, and drive to the house. As Laura offers to get the place set up by herself (though we don’t see either of them carrying any sort of luggage, and the house already appears to be fully furnished), Rob goes out to look around the neighborhood.

Rob sees a beautiful woman named Millie (played by adult film star “Friday) in the house next to theirs and introduces himself (although she already knows his name, somehow), and she invites him in for a glass of wine. This is some special wine that is made right in the city, and has an effect on both of them, as Rob and Millie proceed to have sex (mostly on the living room table, but also on the staircase).

Rob goes back to his house, where he and Laura are soon joined by 3 women, Jackie (Taylor Wane), Torrie (Barbie Bennett), and Marla (Sara Maglaughlin), who say that they were sent by Doctor Brady (whom is the doctor, mayor, and police chief of Breastford) to welcome them to the city. Rob excuses himself to go workout in the fully-equipped private gym that comes with the house, while the women stay to talk Laura, and share a bottle of some of that special Breastford wine.

Jackie soon leaves to go check on Rob (strangely, Laura doesn’t seem to even notice her absence), and she joins him in the gym where they have sex on various pieces of exercise equipment (which could be dangerous so, kids, don’t try this at home). Laura takes the other two women on a tour of the rest of the house, and when they get to the bathroom, the three women strip down and get into the bathtub together.

Later, Jackie, Torrie, and Marla return to the home of Doc Brady (played by Frank Harper), who seems to be happy at the new addition to the city. And then he presses some little electronic device, which makes the women start stripping, and then he has sex with all three of them on his bed.

That night, Rob and Laura are enjoying some wine in front of their fireplace, and talking about how strangely friendly their new neighbors are. Then they go to their bedroom and have sex. Rob wakes up in the middle of the night, thinking that he heard something, and goes down to the living room to check it out.

He finds a woman who says her name is Taimie (played by legendary softcore film actress Monique Parent), and that she is the daughter of the people who sold this house to Rob and Laura. She tries to warn him to leave, telling them that if he doesn’t, Doc Brady will brainwash Laura to be his sex slave, just like he’s done to all of the other women in the city. Rob doesn’t believe her @ first, but Taimie tries to convince him by having sex with him. The funny little twist to this sex scene is that three times while Rob and Taimie are having sex, Laura shouts out to Rob from the bedroom, asking Rob if everything is okay, and when is he coming back to bed, and he tries to reassure her that he’s just having a late snack, and tells her to go back to sleep, while he continues banging Taimie.

But the next morning he’s apparently told her about meeting Taimie (it’s not clear if he mentioned the sex, but probably not), and the warning she gave him. Laura is skeptical about it, and so Rob calls Doc Brady, to arrange an appointment to meet him and see what’s up. He goes to Doc Brady’s house/office, where the nurse (Monica Sweetheart) offers Rob some wine while he waits for the doctor. Rob refuses the wine, but accepts some water, which the nurse is shown pouring some other liquid into it, and after Rob drinks it, he and the nurse have sex on the couch.

Afterward, Rob meets Doc Brady on the balcony, where the doctor is doing some yoga meditating. Rob tells Brady about Taimie, but Brady says that she was just crazy, and any claims about “sex slaves” are silly. Rob seems convinced, and the two men shake hands, and then Rob leaves. On his way home, he passes Marla’s house, and she invites him in to show him some paintings that he claims she did. Once inside, she starts taking off her clothes, and they have sex.

Meanwhile, Jackie and Torrie drop by to see Laura, and they share some more wine, which Laura says that she loves drinking because it makes her horny instead of drunk. Then Laura invites them to join her in their hot-tub. At the end of their 3-way session, Laura begins to pass out, and the other women decide to take her to see Doc Brady.

When Rob gets home later, he looks around for Laura, but the house is empty. Taimie shows up again, and she warns him that Laura has been taken to the doctor, and is going to be made into sex slaves, like all the other women. Rob doesn’t want to believe it, but she gives him one of those electrical devices, which helps make women into sex slaves, and tells him he needs to use it free the women’s minds.

They run out into the woods, were Jackie, Torrie, and Marla are holding Laura, who appears to be drugged, and Doc Brady attempts to give her another glass of wine, which will officially make her a sex slave like the other women. But Rob arrives just in time, uses the device to turn off Brady’s control, and grabs Laura. Then Jackie, Torrie, and Marla proceed to beat the crap out of Brady.

The End.

The film continues Wynorski’s trademark of having loud techno-music playing during each sex scene, and having the women occasionally look directly @ the camera (though not as often as in the Breastwick films), so if that is something that bothers regular viewers of his work, well, you’ll have to suffer through that again here.

Stand-outs in this film include Taylor Wayne and Friday (I think the fact that both are adult film stars helps make them know how to make their softcore sex scenes looks as real as possible. Monique Parent, though only in a supporting role, is great as always. I would have loved an extra sex scene with her in it. And the incredible Glori-Anne Gilbert, who stars as Laura, is worth the price of admission (shame she seems to be retired from making films now). The weakest link would be Frankie Cullen. He wasn’t very convincing in Witches of Breastwick 2, and doesn’t do a better job here. Frank Harper, another softcore veteran, was much better as Doc Brady, and probably should have had the starring role.


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