The Witches of Breastwick and its sequel The Witches of Breastwick 2 are sold together in a double-disc. And that makes sense, considering that they are, basically, THE SAME MOVIE.
Both films are written and directed by softcore and b-movie legend, Jim Wynorski, who uses the same sets in each film, casts a few of the same actresses in each film, and just changes a few of the names of the characters a few minor plots points in the second film. So, rather than a “sequel”, part 2 is more accurately classified as a remake. The overall plot is the same:

A man (played by Matt Dalpiaz in the first film and by Frankie Cullen in the second film) is having recurring erotic dreams where he is tied up by 3 woman (Julie K. Smith, Glori-Anne Gilbert, & Stormy Daniels in the first film and Tylene Buck, Rebecca Love, & Lexi Lamour in the second film) so he goes to a psychiatrist (Jay Richardson in the first film and Demi Delia in the second film) who tells him he need to go the woods to see the area where his dreams are taking place. So he takes his wife (Monique Parent in the first film and Taimie Hannum in the second film) out to the woods with him. On the way there, their car breaks down and they walk to the nearest house, which just so happens to be inhabited by the 3 women from the man’s dream. The women claim that they’re researching some urban legend about a secret spirit that lives in the woods, and they invite the couple to spend the night. Over the course of the rest of the day, night, and next day, the man has sex individually with each woman, while his wife has sex with twice with 2 of the women at a time, once in the outdoor hot-tub and once in a bathtub in the bathroom. Also, that first night, the man is woken up in the middle of the night by a mysterious woman (Taimie Hannum in the first film and Nicole Sheridan in the second film) who warns him that he’s in danger, and then has sex with him right there in the room while his wife sleeps in the bed. In the end, there is scene similar to the man’s dreams, the 3 women tie up the wife in the first film and the husband in the second film, and then the spirit woman (Antonia Dorian in the first film and Nikki Fritz in the second film) appears and is defeated, and the man and his wife leave to live happily ever after.

The second film has a few extra scenes. In the first film, after the man leaves the psychiatrist, the psychiatrist’s assistant (Jodi Moore) comes into the office and performs a striptease on the table. In the second film, the psychiatrist is a woman, who has sex with the man on the table, while his wife has sex with the psychiatrist’s female assistant (Antonia Dorian) on a couch outside the office. But, other than that, it’s the same film. They’re both good films, for what they are. No one watches movies like this expecting method acting or award-winning special effects. But if you want to see a lot of hot women in various stages of undress, then this is your film. I guess I’d rate the second film slightly higher than the first, due to the extra sex scenes, plus the different women. Monique Parent is a softcore legend, and is always a treat to watch, but Tamie Hannum is generally sexier, in my opinion, so Taimie’s greater role as the wife in the second film is an improvement. Julie K. Smith and Glori-Anne Gilbert are two of the hottest women alive, and are missed in the second film, but adult film stars like Demi Delia and Tylene Buck help make up for it.


Witches of Breastwick/Witches of Breastwick 2

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