This is a 2007 softcore film written and directed by Jim Wynorski, under the pseudonym H.R. Blueberry. It’s using the same house in the woods that Wynorski used in other films he shot around that time, such as WITCHES OF BREASTWICK 1 and 2, and follows much of the same format. There’s male/female sex in the woods, lesbian sex in a hot-tub and a bathtub, and a husband having sex in a bedroom while his wife is sleeping in the bed. Oh, and during each of the sex scenes, techno-dance music is playing. And Wynorski has gathered a bevy of bodacious babes to fill out this cast. So, if you’re a fan of Wynorski’s softcore style (like I am), then I can already tell you that you’re gonna like this one.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The movie starts off with a bang, and I mean that literally, as we see adult film stars Taylor Wane (playing a woman named Tiffany) and Friday (Samantha) getting into an outdoor hot-tub and having sex. As far as directors go, I’d say Wynorski is 2nd-to-none when it comes to filming lesbian softcore sex scenes, and this is a good one. The scene heats up for awhile, until Samantha says she has to go, kissing Tiffany goodbye and leaves, while Tiffany stays, just relaxing in the hot-tub alone. While her eyes are close, we see a woman, but only the ankles down to her high-heeled shoe-wearing feet, walking up behind her and then strangles Tiffany to death in the hot-tub.

Cut to a scene, an undetermined amount of time later, of Tiffany’s step-sister, Sue (played by Glori-Anne Gilbert) and her husband Ryan (played by adult film star Kris Slater, using the name Andrew Keefer) driving along a road in the woods to Tiffany’s house. But Ryan stops to check a map, because he’s gotten lost. The two of them step out to look around and decide to have sex in a secluded spot on a hill. Barely 13 minutes have passed and this film has already given us two hot sex scenes. That’s a good sign.

They get back in the car, and finally find the house, where they meet Tiffany’s lawyer, Travis (Danny Pape), who invites them in and tells them to wait in the living room, where they meet Samantha and three women, Nikkie (Barbie Bennett), Julie (Cindy Lange), and Karla (Jules De Wilde), who are all sitting on a coach (no, it’s never revealed what connection those other women have to Tiffany). Travis goes into another an office in another room, to get a video-tape from a woman named Candi (Dani Woodward). But before giving him the tape, Candi wants payment of sex, so she and Travis have sex on a desk, while everyone else is waiting for them in the living room.

Afterwards, Travis walks into the living room, and plays the video, which is Tiffany’s will. Tiffany leaves her house, the land around it, and her cars and jewelry to various charities, but all of her money will go to whomever wins a treasure hunt that she’s set up for the next day. Everyone gets an envelope with a clue in it, and will go out into the woods to figure out what the clue means and what to look for. She also says that she knows that one of the people in the room must have killed her. Julie suggests that instead of wasting time competing against each other they should all just team up and search together and agree to split the fortune, which Nikki thinks is a good idea, but Karla would rather go for it on her own, and Ryan agrees. So everyone goes off into to unpack and settle into their rooms for the night, because the hunt starts the next day at 9am.

Sue goes to take a bath in one bathroom, while Ryan goes to take a shower in another. Sue is soon joined by Julie and Nikki, who make another proposal of teaming up for the hunt before getting naked and getting in the tub with Sue for a playful threeway. Meanwhile, Ryan comes out of his shower to find Karla in a nightgown waiting for him on the bed. She tells him she thinks Travis and Candi may have had something to do with Tiffany’s murder. She then sexually propositions Ryan, which he readily agrees to and they have sex. Later that night, Samantha sneaks into Ryan and Sue’s room while they’re sleeping and wakes Ryan up. He gets out of bed and Friday tells Ryan she’s psychic and that she thinks the killer will kill whomever wins the hunts, and then seduces him and they have sex in the room while Sue sleeps. This is the one sex scene that has quiet music playing in the background, instead of dance. And it’s a hot scene, which is understandable considering Slater and Friday are both hardcore porn stars, so they know how to make it look real.

The next day, the hunt starts, with Travis monitoring it. Everyone is own their own, except Sue and Ryan, who agree to split up at first. The clue is a rhyming riddle, something about a rocky ball in the green. So the hunt stars. While Sue is out searching she bumps into Travis, and he shows her pictures of Ryan, whom he says was up at the cabin 3 weeks before Tiffany was killed, and thinks that’s suspicious. Sue says he was just delivering something, so it’s no big deal. Cut to Ryan who gets approached by Nikki, who comes on to him and they have sex up against a tree. Then we cut to Julie who is sitting alone on a blanket in the woods. Travis shows up and offers to help her search in exchange for a “finders fee” if she wins and, as payment, they have sex on the blanket, and he whispers something in her ear afterwards. Cut to back inside the house, where Samantha is meditating, trying to contact Tiffany’s spirit, and Karla confronts her, thinking she’s up to something, which Tiffany denies, and walks away.

Back in the wood, Sue has met up with Ryan, and reveals she didn’t really know about him seeing Tiffany, and accuses him of having an affair with her. He strongly denies it, but I can’t tell if we’re supposed to believe it or not, since we’ve already see him cheating on Sue with three different women since they got there. They got back to the house and argue, and Karla and Nikki are already there, talking about Samantha. Then Sue goes to her bedroom and see Samantha there, meditating. Samantha acts as if she’s becoming possessed by Tiffany’s spirit, and when she touches Sue she feels it too, and the two women have sex on the bed.

Cut to Ryan going down to the den in the house, where Julie is sitting on the couch reading (considering there’s supposed to be a hunt in the woods going on, I don’t know why almost everyone is just sitting around in the house), and he offers her a drink and then they have sex. Then cut back to Sue and Samantha, who are getting dressed, and Samantha goes back to meditating. Sue goes back to the living room, where Ryan and the other women are sitting, trying to figure out the clue. They agree to team-up now. And Ryan comes up with some kind of ritual where all the women get topless and they sit around in a circle, holding hands, and repeat the clue.

No, I don’t know what the Hell that’s supposed to be either. I think Wynorski just didn’t feel like coming up with a sensible ending to the script, and just threw this together. So they do the ritual, and it works, thanks to Nikki’s vibrating book (don’t ask), they discover that the treasure is a priceless crystal ball which will make them all rich. Suddenly, Sue pulls a gun on them, reveals that she killed Tiffany because she was jealous that her parents like Tiffany better, and she was teaming up with Travis to take the crystal. So they force Ryan to hand it over, and get ready to shoot them all, when suddenly Samantha appears with a gun and shoots and kills Sue and Travis, and says “Tiffany says Hello.”


Okay, the story is crap. Well, it was kinda decent, until it go to the part where they’re all supposed to be looking through the woods, but nobody really does any looking, and then there’s random ending that makes no sense. If this were any other filmmaker I’d probably give it a much lower score, but the bottom line is that Wynorski packs this film with 10 sex scenes, including three lesbian scenes, and they’re all hot. So I give this film 5 STARS.

This film can be purchased on AMAZON.

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