The Hills Have Thighs

Here’s another Jim Wynorski specialty, this was filmed during the period of mid-2000’s to mid-2010’s where he was cracking out a bunch of softcore film parodies with a lot of the same cast members. Films like Alabama Jones & The Busty Crusade, The Devil Wears Nada, House On Hooter Hill and The Witches of Breastwick 1 and 2, among many others. These films were all known for certain traits, including minimal storyline, characters who have sex at the drop of the hat regardless of where they are, what they’re doing, or whom they’re with (and regardless of whether or not they were currently in a relationship with or even married to someone else), and those sex scenes usually have fast techno-like music playing during them as the actors pound each other with quick speed. Plus the majority of women in his films have very large fake breasts.

This film from 2010 hits all of those marks. The film stars two couples Julie K. Smith and Frankie Cullen as Mary and Ben, and Brandin Rackley and Mark Weiler as Sandy and Mike. They’ve arrived at a motel somewhere out in the mountains of California, where their friend Bill had come to go hiking and disappeared a month earlier. Police searched for a week but found nothing, but these four think that they may have better luck.

For the record, we, the audience, know what happened to Bill, who is played by Paul Sterling, as we see it right in the beginning. He’s been captured by three “mutant cavewomen”, played by Kylee Nash, Rebecca Love, and Dana Bentley. We see Nash and Love seduce Bill while Bentley watches. Later there’s another scene late at night around a campfire, as Nash has sex with Bill again, despite his protests that he can’t take anymore, as the other two women dance around the fire.

Diana Terranova plays a mysterious woman named Tanya, who appears later in the film and informs the group that there was some kind of atomic testing decades earlier in the area, and it created these mutant women who kidnap men and use them for sex in order to procreate.

Okay, I guess I’m veering into spoiler territory here, not that I think most while mind (since it’s not like we watch these films for the story, is it?), but anyway…

The first day the couples go out searching they don’t find anything. But the second day they go out and find Bill’s wallet in some bushes. Convinced they’re on the right track they keep searching, but as it starts to get late they decide to drive back to the motel but when they get to Ben’s car they find out that someone has ripped out the engine.  That’s when Tanya appears, looking like she’s dressed up to go to a nightclub, and tells them the story of the mutant cavewomen. She invites the group to come spend the night in her cabin, which they do.

By this point, we’ve already gotten a bunch of sex scenes, in addition to the aforementioned scenes involved Bill with the mutant cavewomen.  There are scenes of each couple together in their hotel rooms. But earlier Sandy confessed to Mary that a year ago she had gone hiking with Bill and they hooked up, which Mike doesn’t know about it. We see that sex scene in a flashback. Later Mike confesses to Ben about cheating on Mary with a woman named Glori-Anne, and we see a flashback which is a scene of Franki Cullen and Glori-Anne Gilbert having sex that’s taken from the earlier Wynorski film, The Breastford Wives. There’s also a lesbian scene between Mary and Sandy, as they leave the men alone to go pee during their second day of searching.

And then at night, while sleeping in Tanya’s cabin, Tanya starts dancing and performing some kind of ritual. The 2 couples are sleeping on the floor in the living room, in front of the fireplace. After Tanya’s dance, the couples wake up and acting as if they’re hypnotized they switch partners and have sex, Sandy with Ben and Mary with Mike. When it’s over, the couple’s wake up the next morning back in Ben’s car, and now when they check the engine is completely restored. But instead of immediately driving away they decide to keep searching. They find Bill in a ditch, but then the three mutant cavewomen arrive. Mike and Ben tell Sandy and Mary to take Bill back to the car while they hold the mutant cavewomen off. Knowing that it’s what the mutants want, Mike and Ben willingly have sex with them, and well, let’s just say this leads to a happy ending.

The Hills Have Thighs is silly fun, it’s not something you take seriously, but there’s a bunch of beautiful showing off their big boobs, so what more could you ask for? Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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  1. I could hardly buy any of the Jim Wynorski softcore films on DVD, unlike the Retromedia films, which were easily available. I missed out. Are there any streaming services which offer Jim’s softcore films en masse?

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  2. Yeah, it’s unfortunate that many of Wynorski’s later films were not given proper DVD releases. I’m not aware of them being on any streaming services either. I guess it’s not the kind of thing Netflix is looking to add. I would hope he could get them on Amazon Prime, though.


  3. For a one-time actor, it is something to go directly and only to simulated sex scenes with 2 women; one of which who does more than you do and ask.


      • Talking about Paul Sterling.

        A one time actor who’s only acting is doing a love scene with 3 women.

        Brandin Rackley
        Kylee Nash
        Rebecca Love(only hard-core lady)

        One time actor = Paul Sterling

        Does more than you do and ask =
        Rebecca Love who does a bit more than fake love scenes


  4. Acting is not an easy career to pursue, not everyone is cut out for it. Who knows what his story is? This isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed a movie and I’m looking up the cast on IMDB and I see that a particular actor or actress only has that one credit, or maybe 2 or 3 others and it’s over a decade ago.

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    • If you look at the German erotic comedies of the 1970’s, it’s common to find actors who were only in one film. I wonder where they are now. I wonder if they’re proud of their single film achievement or embarrassed by the recent re-releases.

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      • That reminds me of the sitcom Two And A Half Men, there was a running gag that one of the female characters had starred in a softcore Cinemax film in the 1990’s, and she was embarrassed whenever someone found out about it or brought it up. She said she only did it because an agent told her that if she did he could get a role on Melrose Place, with the joke being that the actress playing that character actually used to star on Melrose Place.

        With someone like the man in this movie, knowing how Wynorski tends to make his films so quickly and on shoestring budgets, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was just like some random crewmember who Wynorski convinced to do it because he couldn’t find another actor for the role at the time. And that’s why there are no further credits for him.

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