Lawful Evil #1

Here’s an erotic comic I just found out about and purchased this weekend. The lead character is a Black superhero called Dark Spider. We don’t get a full origin here, we see his name is Jamal Jones, and he appears to be a typical Batman-type of urban vigilante, relying mostly on his physical skills and some tactical weapons to fight crime, although later in the issue he displays some kind of telepathic ability. He appears to have been active in his city for a while, but he’s not terribly well-respected by either the local citizens or law enforcement.

In this issue, Dark Spider confronts the supervillain Suc-u-babe, who is literally a succubus, as in a sexy winged female demon who savagely fucks mortal men to steal their life-energy. He first encounters her while she’s in the middle of fucking several members of a high school football team right in the middle of the high school football field, as bystanders stand around and watch (and some record on their phones). After a brief fight, she manages to get away from him, and then Dark Spider heads home to his girlfriend Monica, but when he gets there he finds her in the act of cheating on him with Primer, another superhero who appears to be a Superman analog. Devastated and heartbroken, Dark Spider heads back out to the streets, where he’s confronted again by Suc-u-babe, who knows about what happened and offers to help him get revenge on both Primer and Monica. 

I’m going to do a split-rating on this one.

The story is by co-creators Ra’Chaun Rogers and Ashley Hurwitz, and it’s pretty good. They could have filled in a bit more details of these characters’ backstories, but for the most part, I was able to follow along well enough. It ends on a cliffhanger and I’m intrigued enough to want to get the next issue, so it succeeded in what a first issue is supposed to do. So for the writing, this book gets a Chacebook rating of FOUR STARS.

Three different artists are credited, Joyce Mureria, Anthony Pugh, and Antonio Ortega. But it’s not clear who does what in this issue. It looks like some artists drew different pages as the art-style switches noticeably mid-way through the story. There’s also an artistic inconsistency, Suc-u-Babe is initially nude in the issue, and then all of the sudden, from one page to the next, she’s wearing a skimpy outfit with no explanation. The art is a bit rough overall, there is room for improvement, I guess the artists just need a bit more experience. Art-wise this gets a Chacebook rating of THREE STARS

This is an erotic comic, so be forewarned there is nudity and some graphic sex scenes.



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