Dark Spider Vol. 1: Lovers and Allies

Today I’m reviewing this new comic-book from the erotic indie comics publisher Lawful Evil comics.  This is an anthology issue, containing five short stories all starring Jamal Jones aka Dark Spider, the superhero protagonist who starred in Lawful Evil #1. Each story is written by creator Ra’Chaun Rogers and drawn by a different artist, and most of them are heavily focus on FUCKING. This comic is strictly for adults only.

Drawn by Pzero
This is a single-page story, 4 panels of Jamal fucking a purple-haired Black woman named Nikesha until they both cum. Short but sweet.

Drawn by Cloves Rodriguez
This is a two-page story. Dark Spider and a Black female superhero called Scarlet Recluse are out at night on a rooftop of a building, watching some men below on an empty, waiting for some kind of crime to go down. They’ve been watching for an hour and, having got a bit bored, the two heroes grab a quicky, fucking each other, still in costume, on the roof. Also not a bad concept for an erotic superhero story.

Drawn by Antonio Ortega
This is a three-page story, set back in 1990 when Jamal was a student in college, still training his powers and having not adopted the identity of Dark Spider yet. He’ goes out a night, patrolling the rooftops of his city, in a makeshift costume and mask, and happens up a Black man and woman who are being harassed and threatened by a bunch of White men. Jamal leaps down to protect the couple and beats up the men, letting the Black couple get away. Then he returns to his apartment, where Queen of Widows, and= older African female superhero who has helped Jamal train is waiting for him. It’s Jamal’s birthday, and she has a gift for him: which is fucking his brains out.

Drawn by Ramon Perez
A five-page story that begins with Jamal working out with Nikesha, now shown with regular Black hair, who has developed superpowers and now fights crime as the superhero Lady Arachne. Nikesha has latent psychic powers, and mentally hears a cry for help. The two switch into their costumes and rush to the scene where a young boy named Malik is getting beaten by some gang members. After saving the boy, and then going back home to fuck. Jamal feels like he needs to do more to help the boy learn to protect himself, and visits him again, with the idea of making him his sidekick.

Drawn by Marcello Costa
The issue closes with this three-page story. After a night out fighting crime, Dark Spider arrives at the home of a voluptuous green-haired Black woman named Ms. Bea Haven who greats him in a see-through robe with nothing on underneath. This is clearly a booty call, and after a drink and some small talk, they get down to fuckin’.

In between the stories, there are also three handing bio-pages for each of the three female superheroes, giving their backgrounds and powers. And there’s a pin-up page of Jamal naked in bed with Nikesha, Queen of Widows, and Scarlet Recluse all at once, drawn by JokArtainment.

There are some good story ideas here. Stakeout, Gift, and Bond, in particular, are all stories that I feel could be great if expanded into full-issue stories, and even the other two that are basically just sex stories could easily be expanded into a few more pages making the sex longer. But writing-wise it’s well done for what it is. Like Lawful Evil #1, I’d give this a split rating, with the writing getting FOUR STARS, and THREE STARS for the art. Each of the artists show promise, with Pzero and Marcello Costa being the best, in my opinion, but could use some more polishing, which should come as they gain experience.

Overall, if you’re a fan of sexxxy superheroes, I recommend buying this comic.



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