Lawful Evil #2

Lawful Evil #2

Picking up where the first issue left off, Suc-u-Babe is in the middle of fucking Primer on some rooftop. This is all a plot to distract him, so that Dark Spider can ambush him, which, after some reluctance, he does. The two of them team up to attack Primer and despite being vastly overpowered they somehow manage to kill him.

I guess the implication is that, like Superman, Primer is vulnerable to magic so maybe Suc-u-Babe’s powers cancel his out? It’s a tad unclear. In any case, they kill him and Dark Spider is immediately wracked with guilt. He goes back to his apartment and Suc-u-babe follows him. She’s continuously propositioning him for sex, but he rejects her because he can’t stop thinking about killing Primer. His ex-girlfriend shows up to pick up her stuff, but that just turns into another agrument, thanks in no small part to Suc-u-babe’s presense.

Some superheroes from Primer’s team find out about his death, and one of them is a telepath (and obviously based on Martian Manhunter who tracks the physic trail of the killer to Jamal’s apartment. I won’t spoil what happens next but let’s just say that there’s a few unexpected twists to this story before it reaches it’s explosive ending.

Co-creators Ra’Chaun Rogers and Ashley Hurwitz,return to write this issue, and they’re joined by artist Cloves Rodriquez, who does a servicable job, although there is still room for improvement. The story is progressing niceley, I’m curious to see how Dark Spider gets through this crises. The issue could have used a bit more sex, but it’s entetaining as it is.

Chacebook rating: FOURS STARS



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