Sexy Assassins

sexy assassins

Written by Tina Hawthorne (although IMDB credits it to Derek Harvey, so I assume th one of those is a pen-name) and directed by David Nicholas, this 2012 film from MRG Entertainment/Mainline Releasing is sort of a softcore spin on the Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt film Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Justine Joli and Jason Sarcinelli star as Layla and Max, a couple of professional assassins who both happen to be very sexy (hence, the title).  They end up each being hired to kill the other, but instead they discover the plot team up to figure out who wants them both dead while falling in love. 

So there’s your premise, and it mostly works despite a few limitations. There’s the obvious small budget, evidenced by the limited locations (everything basically takes place in different rooms of two houses) and small cast, which prevents this film from really exploring it’s premise to it’s full potential. I mean, for example, we only see on official assassination, that’s in the opening scene where Layla kills a nameless man (credited only as “Playboy”), played by Pete Jenkins. Although what’s interesting about that scene is that it happens after sex. 

Yes, that’s why Layla is such an accomplished assassins, she seduces her targets first, and kills them right after they have an orgasm. So then presumably she only kills men. Although it would’ve been interested if they shown her seducing and killing a woman but, sadly, there are no G/G scenes in this film, and that’s because there’s only two women in the cast.

Michelle Maylene plays Serena, she’s Layla’s secretary. The cast also includes Michael O’Sullivan as Damon, Layla’s “manager”, I guess. he’s the one who arranges and sends her her new assassination assignments. And there’s Spencer Houston Hill as Mason, a tech expert/computer hacker that Layla hires. 

The thing that really saves the film is the chemistry between the two leads. Joli and Sarcinelli are great on screen together. The rest of the cast are good in their roles too. There are nine sex scenes, all featuring with Joli or Maylene having sex with one of the male actors. In addition to her opening scene with Jenkins, Joli has two scenes with Sarcinelli, and a scene each with Hill and O’Sullivan. Maylene also has a scene with O’Sullivan, plus three scene with Sarcinelli. Despite the repetitive nature of the scene-pairings, they’re all undeniably hot scenes. Again, I would have liked a g/g scene, one between Joli and Maylene could have worked, if they couldn’t have hired another actress for an extra scene, especially at the ending, which I’m trying not to spoil. 

There’s room for improvement, but this was still a compelling film and a joy to watch. 

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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