Sexy Wives Sindrome


Here we have another Jim Wynorski softcore classic. Written by Steve Goldenberg and directed by Wynorski under his Sam Pepperman alias, this 2011 film actually shares quite a bit of similarities with Wynorski’s 2014 film Sexually BUGGED, which I’d already seen and reviewed, not just in terms of plot but in character names. Like that film, this film mostly takes place at a special clinic which employs, shall we say, unconventional methods to help couples work through their various sexual and intimacy issues. And uncredited man (whom I recognize from other films, but can’t place the name) plays “Dr. Jones” who oversees the clinic (same name as the man who owned the clinic in Sexually Bugged), which is run by a woman named Dr. Anderson (this time played by Julie K. Smith), and the staff includes a Nurse named Kayla (this time played by Cindy Lucas) and a sex worker named Mandy (this time played by Rebecca Love). And one of the couples who comes to the clinic for help is Diana Reid (this time played by Erika Jordan) and Mark Reid (once again played by Frankie Cullen) who, as it turns out have a secret motive for attending the clinic.

Well, it’s not the first time Wynorski has recycled plots from his own films. He’s done it with The Witches of Breastwick 1 and 2, which were basically the same film, as well as Virtual Desire which he remade as Busty Twins.

Oh yeah, and speaking of Busty Twins, Wynorski actually takes one of the sex scenes from that movie, featuring Frank Harper having sex with Glori-Anne Gilbert, while wearing a blindfold, and inserted it into this film. We’re told that they are patients of the clinic who are assigned a role-playing scenario to enhance their sex life. And, y’know what? It works. If I hadn’t seen the other film, I never would guessed that this was re-used footage. So I ain’t mad.

The film also includes Angie Savage and T.J. Cummings as a married couple, Lucy and John. They open the film with a sex scene that takes place in a bubble bath. Initially it’s set up as if she’s a hooker and he’s paying her for sex, only for us to learn afterward that this is just role-playing, as part of the clinics “therapy.” Now, if you’ve seen any of Wynorski’s output, as least in the past decade, you know what to expect as far as sex scenes go. Techno music plays as the couples (or trios or groups) go at it. When it’s B/G there’s a lot of hard and fast pumping going on. And when it’s G/G, which Wynorski seems to prefer to shoot, there’s lots of mutual breast-licking and french-kissing, and the women looking directly at the camera.

So after this opening scene, and in addition to the aforementioned inserted scene, there are 9  others:

Julie K. Smith and Angie Savage have a lesbian scene on a bed, as Dr. Anderson tries to convince Lucy that the next step for her and John is to add another woman to their sex lives.

Cindy Lucas and Erika Jordan have a lesbian scene, as Kayla has to convince a reluctant Diana not to leave the clinic before she’s seen Dr. Anderson.

Erika and Frankie Cullen have sex on a bed, in a flashback scene as Diana recounts the last time she and Mark had sex to Dr. Anderson. This was good scene (as all of Erika Jordan’s sex scene tend to be), but it’s weird that halfway through, while Frankie is doing her doggystyle, she’s suddenly eating a banana, while looking at the camera.

Angie, Rebecca, and Cindy had a threeway lesbian scene outside by the pool, as Dr. Anderson had to break up a fight between Lucy and Mandy, and then orders Kayla to help them “make up.”

Julie has a sex scene with Billy Chappell (credited here as Tony Marino), who plays an orderly at the clinic. This scene takes place in a gym, and they utilize various pieces of equipment while having sex. Including a funny, but impractical scene, where Billy is lifting barbells in each had as he does Julie doggystyle while she’s walking on a treadmill. Kids, don’t try that at home.

Rebecca has as a sex scene with Frankie Cullen. This scene is shot outside by an outdoor fireplace (it’s in the evening), but the film goes out of it’s way to try to hide Frankie’s face. So it’s clearly not supposed to be her character having sex with his character, I guess they just weren’t able to get another actor for this scene, so they used one of the men they had. The shots are mostly of us seeing Rebecca from the front as Frankie is behind her, with his face either buried in her soldier, or turned to the side. Then she’s on top, and we see her from his POV. Wynorski did his best, but we could see Frankie face in several shots. But I must call Rebecca a champ for the way she lets her big boobs bounce so hard in those positions. That couldn’t be comfortable for her.

Julie and Cindy have sex in a jacuzzi, as the doctor and nurse relax after a long day of work.

Angie, T.J., and Rebecca have a threeway in a shower (at Dr. Anderson’s suggestion).

Cindy and Frankie have sex in the hallway, as Erica has brought Mark in, and Kayla takes him for his “oral exam.”

And there’s a brief final B/G/G threeway, which I won’t say who participates, as that may give away the ending (as if you all watch these films for the stories).

Storywise, it’s not winning any awards, but with a drop-dead gorgeous cast of women, it’s definitely worth watching. And if you like large breasted women and lesbian sex, you’ll be more than happy with Sexy Wives Sindrome. Chacebook rating: 4 STARS

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