This 2013 film is credited as being directed by Louis DeWalnut, and I would’ve sworn that this was just another pseudonym of Jim Wynorski, as this film has all the hallmarks of the type of cheesy softcore films he was making around this time. It’s got a bare-bones plot that’s just an excuse to go from one sex scene to the next, and a soundtrack that includes such softcore standbys as Pussy Pussy Bang Bang and I Want Your Love by Roobie Breastnut (who has a cameo in this film). But it turns out that DeWalnut is actually Steve Goldenberg who has written movies for Wynorski, including Busty Coeds vs. Lusty Cheerleaders and Sexy Wives Sindrome, and has worked on the crew, including as an assistant director, on some other Wynorski films, and he clearly learned from the master.

Written by Bruno Kennedy and James Rogers, this film takes place at the Circle Double D Nudist Colony, where a bunch of women, and a couple of men, spend their days walking in the woods, playing tennis, laying out by the pool, or lounging in a hot tub, while completely naked. And they also have sex with each other at the drop of a hat (not that any of them are wearing hats). After a couple spot a Big Foot-like monster in the woods, Detective Arch Hammer (Frankie Cullen) is called in to investigate. And he makes it clear early on that he doesn’t approve of the nudist’s activities, thinking it’s immoral. Nevertheless, he brings his wife Mary (Melissa Jacobs) with him to stay at the colony for a few days so he can investigate. Upon arrival, Mary is intrigued by the colony and immediately gets naked to join in the activities, but Arch just takes his shirt off and walks around the colony and the surrounding area in his shorts.

Angie Stevenson plays Lucy, the apparent leader of the colony. Lexi Belle, Samantha Ryan, Britney Young, and Bridgette B. play Heather, Tina, Kerry, and Dana, the women at the colony, and Ryan McLane and TJ Cummings play Joe and Mike the two men at the colony. Heather and Joe were making love in the woods when they first spotted the monster and ran off. And the action is pretty heavy at the colony, despite the threat of this monster being nearby. In quick succession, we see Mike have sex with Lucy and then Mary joins Kerry, Tina, and Heather for a lesbian 4-way in the pool, then Mike has sex with Heather, then Tina and Dana have sex in the woods, only to them be attacked by the monster who picks up Tina and carries her away leaving Dana who passes out. The monster takes Dana to some abandoned place, ties her hands to the ceiling, and forces her to dance for him/it.

Back at the colony, Mary bumps into Mike, and he invites her back to his room. She’s hesitant at first, mentioning that she’s married (despite showing no hesitation when it came to having sex with the other women), but gives in and they have sex.

Amber Ashley and Hannah Reilly play Crystal and Bon, who don’t appear to be members of the colony. Just a couple of local women, whom we see walking through the woods holding hands, then they stop and talk for a minute, then strip naked and have sex while the monster watches. After they finish, they hear something and get scared and quickly get dressed and run away, never to be seen again. It was a hot enough sex scene, but their involvement didn’t really fit the story.

Joe finds Dana and carries her back to the colony, where they end up having sex by the pool. Then we get a nice long scene of Mary and Lucy playing tennis in the nude. The monster shows up at the colony, grabs Heather, who was laying by the pool and takes her to where he has Tina, ties her up next to her, and makes her dance for him too. Both ladies have some impressive moves, despite having their hands tied, I must say.

Mary has sex with Mike again, and Arch happens to be walking by with Lucy, and they see them through a window. Although it looks like Mary makes eye contact with Arch, she doesn’t stop. Arch walks away in disgust, and Lucy goes along to console him. She does this by convincing him to finally get naked like everyone else, and then they have sex.

I won’t spoil the big plot twist that ends the film, I’ll just say that the movie caps things off with a big orgy.

This isn’t classic cinema, but the thing about these types of films is that you know exactly what to expect, and if you enjoy this type of thing, then you’re not going to be disappointed. Nobody is winning any acting awards, but the ladies are all gorgeous and the sex scenes are hot. In addition to the scenes I described, there’s also an early lesbian scene between Lucy and Heather, and a sex scene with Arch and Mary, before they go to the colony.

Still, for a goofy fun movie that’ll also get your rocks off, Monster Of The Nudist Colony is highly recommended with a Chacebook rating of FIVE STARS

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  1. The Steve Goldenberg who directed this film is still (to my knowledge) very much alive and well. The link you posted is to a different Steve Goldenberg.

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