Brandi Bare #2

Written by co-creators Joe Pekar and Jeff Outlaw, and drawn by Pekar, this issue picks up immediately after the first one where, as the result of a magic spell gone wrong, Dylan finds herself buck naked in broad daylight on her college campus. She manages to sneak back to her dorm room without being seen but is met with a surprise when she gets there.

Switch to the next morning, where Brandi wakes up early for class and, still half asleep, ends up taking a shower in the men’s bathroom, where meets a fellow student named Todd. She’s extremely nervous in this situation, as she later reveals to Rosie that this was the first time she’d seen a naked man.

Dylan goes back to the Wiccan shop to complain to the owner about the potion she was given, so the witch tries to make it up to her by giving her a magic talisman, a necklace with a little devil-bat figurine on it, to use against her enemies. But just leaves the necklace in her dorm and storms outside to confront Brandi, Xian, and Rosie directly, and as she starts to yell at them for ruining her college experiences, a giant blue monster crashes out of her dorm and attacks them all, grabbing Dylan and Brandi in each hand. Dylan recognizes the necklace that the monster has on, and realizes that it’s Alice who must have put it on and been transformed into the monster. With some skillful help from Rosie, they get the necklace off, and Alice transforms back to normal.

Deciding to all be friends now, Xian hacks into college computers again, so that Dylan can move in with them as their 4th roommate, which is what the witch had planned, calling them a “coven” now, and the girls celebrate by taking a shower together. THE END 

The supernatural element feels a bit out of place again, but it was still a silly fun story. Pekar’s art feels a little closer to his current style than his work in the first issue. Again, this is full of cheesecake art and implied nudity, but nothing explicit. This may not be essential to following Pekar’s current comics, but if you’re fan I think you’ll enjoy this book and should get it. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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