NIGHTCAP episode 7: Forbidden Lust

Nightcap was a softcore TV series that aired for one season back in 1999.  The series starred Tane McClure and Nikki Fritz as Nikki and Trini (yes, it’s weird that they gave Tane’s character the name Nikki instead of giving that name to Nikki Fritz’s character) as co-owners of a bar where they both worked as bartender and waitress, respectively. I started reviewing episodes of this series in 2016 but just recently realized that I never finished the season, with my last review being of the sixth episode, in which Kim Yates joined the cast as Nikki’s roommate Kim, who also worked as a waitress at the bar. Well, let me get back to it.

This episode was written by D. Ray Morton and directed by David Nicholas. Brucio D’Luria guest-stars as Tom, who comes into the bar one night feeling depressed, and he ends up confessing his problems to Nikki. He’s recently began an affair with his best friend’s wife Jesse, who is played by Lisa Throw. He tells the story of how Jesse has surprised him by coming over to his apartment one night. She and her husband Peter, were supposed to be coming over for dinner, but Peter had to work late so Jesse came alone. The two of them eat dinner together and Jesse confides that she’s been feeling neglected lately and comes on to Tom, who gives in and they have sex, beginning the affair. Tom is wracked with guilt about it, but can’t stop it because he thinks he’s fallen in love with Jesse. Nikki tries to convince him that what he’s feeling is lust, not love, and that he should just leave Jesse alone.

Coincidentally it then turns out that Tom’s brother is a friend of Trina’s, and he’d convinced Trina to set Tom up on a blind date with Kim, hoping to make Tom feel better. Tom and Kim go out and have a good time together, later telling Trina how much she liked Tom. But Tom is still feeling conflicted over his feelings for Jesse. And when Trina, who was there the night Tom came into the bar, realizes who he is, she becomes worried that he’ll end up hurting Kim.

Can Tom find the inner strength to break things off with Jesse, and pursue a romance with Kim, or should Trina warn Kim to stay away from Tom before she gets hurt? Tune in to find out!

This was a very well-written episode. It’s one of the things I liked about this series is that it often tried to deal with the emotional consequences of sex, which most softcore shows of this type ignored. And it chose good actors who could handle the material. Both Brucio D’Luria and Lisa Throw were great in their roles, even though they were committing adultery neither were portrayed as outright bad, they were two adults who were caught up in their emotions and making bad choices. It’s a relatable dilemma.

We get three full sex scenes, two between D’Luria and Throw and one between D’Luria and Yates, plus a shorter incomplete scene with D’Luria and Throw. All of them were sexy to watch, making this one of Nightcap’s better episodes. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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  1. Chace I loved this episode I happen to watch it first before all the other episodes 🤷🏻‍♀️. The sex scenes with Lisa Throw are the best I even like how they did the lights swaying back and forth in the dark room. Chemistry was fantastic ! They did a good pairing with Tane and Nikki as coworkers!! I have a stupid question though ,is Lisa Throw & Nenna Quiroz the same person?

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    • Hmmm…I’ve taken a look. It’s not uncommon for actresses, especially those who worked in softcore, to have used different names throughout their careers. IMDB has those two listed separately, but that has also happened a few other times I checked actresses (in my reviews I prefer to use the most current name, even if they were credited as something else in the film or episode), so I just went back and checked this episode and then the two Passion Cove episodes that Nenna (who was credited as Alicia Moorland) was in, and there is definitely a strong resemblance, but I believe they’re two different women.


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