Deviant Fantasies

This is another softcore “greatest hits” film, or compilation film as I tend to call. them. This is where a studio compiles a bunch of sex scenes from previously released films and puts them together, filming a few new scenes as a framing sequence to create a new film.


Written by April White and Edward Gorsuch, and directed by J.W. Mchausen, this 2006 softcore film stars Angela Nicholas as Tania, who’s just moved into a new house. Nicole Oring and Syren play Catherine and Delilah, two of her new neighbors, who come over to welcome her to the neighborhood. As the ladies relax for drinks in the living room, and then later out in the backyard, they share gossip about the current and former neighbors, and that’s where the recycled sex scenes are presented in the film as flashbacks.

There are 15 scenes, all of which were taken from various episodes of the softcore TV series Bedtime Stories, which I have so I was able to identify all of the actors.

Gabriella Hall is in three scenes, two with Micah Bradshaw and one with John McCafferty.
Nikki Fritz is in two scenes with Richard Neil, plus in a scene with Tess Broussard and Richard Neil who have sex while she watches and masturbates.
Griffen Drew is in two scenes, one with Kim Sill and one with Jack Ketchmark. The rest of the scenes are:
Samantha Phillips and Taimie Hannum
Regina Russell Banali and John McCafferty
Linda Diego and Anthony Skordi
Holly Sampson and Richard Neil.
Kim Sill and Robert Davis with Miyoko Fujimori listens
Shannon Leigh and Johnny Quaid
Gina Ryder and Jack Ketchmark

As for the framing sequence, we get three new sex scenes.
Nicole Oring has a sex scene with Jourdian Dion, who plays a man that her character is cheating on her husband with.
Syren has a scene with Frankie Cullen. He’s her pool man, this scene is presented as just a fantasy since her character is also married and she doesn’t believe in cheating, which Nicole Oring’s character repeatedly mocks her for.
And in the big plot-twist that ends the film, Angela Nicholas has a sex scene with Jack Ketchmark, who plays Nicole’s character’s husband. And we learn that Tania’s job included gathering evidence of Catherine’s affair so that Sean can divorce her to be with Tania.

Bedtime Stories was a good series, and this is a good collection of sex scenes. It’s a little confusing story-wise, as Jack Ketchmark, who played different characters on each episode of the series that he appeared on, also plays a character in this film but is different characters in those chosen sex scenes. But Syren and Angela Nicholas were two of my favorite actresses, and I’d always wanted to see more of Nicole Oring too. So that definitely makes this film worth watching.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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