BEDTIME STORIES episode 12: The Regular


Written by Daryl Haney and directed by Rebecca Lord

In this, the series and season finale of Bedtime Stories, we are back to Belle’s (Kim Sill) house essentially being a brothel. Micah Bradshaw plays Jay, a regular customer of Belle’s, who comes to see Sylvia, one of the working girls there, played by Julia Kruis. But when Jay returns home to his wife, Marla, played by Chloe, knows all about what he’s been up to, thanks to a detective that she says she hired to follow Jay. They have a fight, in which Jay blames her for his actions, pointing out that they’ve barely had sex in the past year. Marla threatens divorce, and Jay says that’s fine with him and storms out.

Despite what she said, Marla actually wants to save her marriage. She ends up going to Belle’s to see Sylvia, to ask about Jay and get tips on how to turn him on to restore their intimacy. Because this is a softcore show, and that’s the kind of thing women in softcore shows do when they find out that their husband or boyfriend has been cheating on them.

I’ll skip to the end and say, yes the scheme eventually works. With the help of Sylvia and Belle, Marla gets Jay back into bed, and afterward Jay thanks them and reveals that he and Marla are planning a romantic vacation in Jamaica (and, although it’s not explicitly stated, presumably he won’t be sleeping with Sylvia anymore).

Overall, this was not the strongest end to this series. There are three sex scenes, the opening one with Bradshaw and Kruis is very good. But the other two, which are between Bradshaw and Chloe are just average. There is a moment in the episode where it looks like it’s leading up to a lesbian scene between Kruis and Chloe (where Sylvia is role-playing pretending to be Marla as Marla pretends to be Jay), but they don’t follow through with it. If they had included that, it likely would have raised the episode up a star. And there’s a pretty big error in one scene where Bradshaw refers to Kruis’ character as “Marla”, even though that’s Chloe’s character’s name. How the heck did that not get caught in the editing room?!?

So at best this episode gets a Chacebook rating of 3 STARS. Still, overall, this series was a solid effort in terms of softcore television. Not as consistently good as shows like Emmanuelle in Space or The Best Sex Ever, but it was a good effort.

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