BEDTIME STORIES episode 11: Truth Or Dare


This episode has no creative credits listed on IMDB, so I don’t know who wrote it but I think it’s safe to assume that it was directed by Rebecca Lord, as all previous episodes were.

The premise of this episode is that Belle (Kim Sill) is at her home having drinks with two of her best friends, Collette (Griffin Drew) and Lauren (Shannan Leigh). They ladies are talking about men, sex, and relationships. It becomes clear, over the course of the conversation, that Lauren is a bit more reserved and conservative than Belle and Collette. Belle proposed that they play Truth of Dare. First is Collette who takes Truth, and Belle asks her to describe her best sexual experience ever.

Collette talks about the time that, using Belle’s services to live out a fantasy, she had sex with platonic male friend, Jack (Jack Ketchmark), and in flashback we see them having sex in a bedroom.

Then it’s Belle’s turn to answer a truth from Collette, who ask her tell them about her most mysterious affair. Belle talks about a time a few years ago where she’d been depressed, and hadn’t had any luck with relationships for awhile. One night while she slept, a masked woman just came into her room, tied her to her bed and has sex with her.

We see that in flashback, and the masked woman is clearly Collette. Belle claims she never did figure out for sure who the woman was, but has her suspicions. There’s some knowing looks between Belle and Collette that indicate that they both know that Belle knows.

Then it’s Lauren’s turn, and she takes a dare. Belle and Collette have noticed that throughout the day Lauren and Belle’s butler, Dylan (Johnny Quaid), who has been serving the ladies drinks and desserts, have been checking each other out. So they dare her to come on to him. she does, and they go have sex in a bedroom.

That’s basically it. A surprisingly bland episode. Even the lesbian scene between Sill and Drew, two very sexy woman, just felt uninspiring, like they were just going through the motions. Chacebook rating: 3 STARS

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