BEDTIME STORIES episode 10: The Other Woman


Written by Tony Cochran and directed by Rebecca Lord

In this episode, Belle (Kim Sill) meets her newest client, Kate (Holly Sampson). Kate reveals that she has a history of men leaving her for other women. She’s already caught her current live-in boyfriend Kyle (Anthony Skordi) cheating on her once a couple of weeks earlier. But she chose to forgive him. And now she wants Belle to teach her how to be like “the other woman.” The kind of woman who can seduce any man, even one who’s already in a relationship. That way she can make sure Kyle doesn’t want any other woman. Belle tries to convince Kate that she should just dump Kyle, but Kate insists that she wants to fight for her relationship.

Belle’s not the only trying to convince Kate to leave Kyle. Kate’s coworker Ray (Richard Neil) who happens to be the man who set Kate up with Kyle in the first place, is also telling her now that she’s too good for Kyle. I admit that when I saw this scene I immediately knew that Kate and Ray were going to end up together. It’s romcom storytelling 101. But we have to get through some other shenanigans first.

The first sex scene we get is a flashback scene between Skordi and Linda Diego, who plays the woman Kyle cheated with. Belle wanted Kate to tell her the details of catching Kyle cheating, so we Kyle and the woman having sex on the bed in his and Kate’s apartment. Kate came home after they’d finished, as they were both still sleeping in the bed together.

The next sex scene we get is between Kim and Holly! Belle decided to personally teach Kate some “sex moves” I guess, and the two of the get together on a large chair in Belle’s living room, taking turns licking each other’s breasts and going down on each other. It’s pretty hot.

We do later see Kate practicing her new seductive powers on Kyle in their home. But just when Kyle is all hot and horny and you’re expecting them to have sex, she stops and kicks him out. In the end she invites Ray over to her place for a dinner and we get a sex scene between them.

Just an average episode. A predictable plot, and none of the sex scenes (not even the lesbian one, which I normally love) was particularly arousing. Chacebook rating: 3 STARS

At this point, I must note that the previous link that I would usually attached to the end of these posts of where to buy a DVD boxset of the entire season of this series is no longer valid, as it is not for sale anymore. Nevertheless I will continue reviewing the remaining episodes here.

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