BEDTIME STORIES episode 9: The Gift


Written by Daryl Haney and directed by Rebecca Lord

As I’ve said from the beginning, the nature of Belle’s (Kim Sill) business is somewhat ambiguous in most episodes, as she seems like some kind of love and relationship counselor for women. But here, like in episode 5, it appears as if Belle is running a bordello.

Robert Donovan is George, a wealthy businessman, who happens to have a personal history with Belle. Whether it started as “professional” or personal isn’t made a clear, but at one point they did discuss marriage, however George declined because Belle wasn’t “corporate wife material.” His son Dennis (John McCafferty) has just graduated from business school and is preparing to join his father’s company. As a “gift,” George brings Dennis to Belle’s in order for Dennis to have sex with one of Belle’s girls. But it’s just a one-time thing, as far as George is concerned, because Dennis is engaged to a woman named Carolyn (Regina Russell Banali), whom George thinks will be the perfect corporate wife for Dennis.

Belle sets Dennis up with Natalie (Gabriella Hall), but after having sex with her, Dennis begins having second thoughts about his engagement to Carolyn. He starts to see her as a golddigger, and realizes that he’s mostly doing this just because it’s what his father expects of him. He goes back to Belle’s to see Natalie again, without his father knowing, and finds himself falling for her. She reveals a somewhat similar background to his, in that she left home to get away from her family’s expectations of her. When he calls off his engagement to Carolyn, George is incensed. He rushes to Belle’s and demands to see Natalie, whom he tries to pay off to leave town, but Natalie refuses. Then George goes to see Carolyn and when she starts coming on to him, he realizes that Dennis was right about her just being a golddigger. He ends up paying her off, and vows to stay out of his son’s personal life. Dennis and Natalie then make plans to move away together, while George tells Belle that he’s going to retire and try to enjoy his life. So all’s well that ends well.

What’s most impressive about this episode is that McCafferty and Hall have three full sex scenes in it, and none of them feel repetitive, as you may expect from seeing the same two people multiple times. The chemistry just works between those two.

There’s also a 4th sex scene, which is between McCafferty and Banali, and that’s pretty hot too. But, honestly, it’s the Gabriella Hall scenes which makes this episode work. Chacebook rating: 5 STARS

Bedtime Stories: The Complete Cable Series 2000 Unrated

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