BEDTIME STORIES episode 8: Like A Virgin


Written by Tony Cochran and directed by Rebecca Lord

Gina Ryder guest-stars in this episode as Whitney, a woman who has been with her husband Alec (David Christensen) for 10 years, but has sexually frustrated recently due to Alec’s workaholic nature. So lately she finds herself dreaming about being reunited with her first lover, Thomas (Jack Ketchmark), and she wants Belle (Kim Sill) to arrange for her to see him again. Belle tries to warn Whitney against taking this step, saying it could irrevocably harm her married, and encourages her to continue to try to work things out with Alec.

Meanwhile, hearing Whitney’s stories about her first time with Thomas triggers Belle’s own memories of her first lover, Carlos (Daniel Busch), who she starts dreaming about. And now Belle is considering tracking him down to see him again.

So we get two dream sequence sex scenes, one between Ryder and Ketchmark, and then one between Sill and Busch).  Both very hot.

Unfortunately, Whitney’s attempts to get through to Alec prove fruitless. She manages to convince him to come with her to meet Belle to talk about their marriage, but he just gets upset and storms out. The big twist in the end is Whitney and Belle decide to shake-off the memories of their first lovers, forget about trying to see them again, and instead the two ladies get together with each other. What follows is one incredibly hot lesbian sex scene. Although it is left unclear what this means about the state of Whitney’s marriage. Is she leaving Alec to be with Whitney? Her character never appears nor is mentioned again after this, so we don’t know.

But, really, that lesbian scene alone is enough to make you not care about anything else. Chacebook rating: 5 STARS


Bedtime Stories: The Complete Cable Series 2000 Unrated

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