This was a half-hour late-night softcore series that aired in America on Cinemax from 2002-2003, with two 12-episode seasons. The premise is that Angela Davies (aka Angela Nicholas) plays Veronica, the host of a radio show that airs at midnight called The Best Sex Ever, where listeners call in and tell Veronica about their best sexual experiences, which we then see in flashbacks. This DVD box-set collects the first season, with 4 discs each containing 3 episodes.

“Truth Or Dare”
Written by Anthony L. Greene and directed by Lucas Riley
Kent (Danny Pape) calls in to talk about the time he and his wife, Sondra (Jezebelle Bond) went on vacation and met another couple, Chris and Nicki (Micah May and Monica Mayhem), when they’re accidentally assigned to the same hotel room. Kent initially is a little more sexually inhibited than Sondra, but on this trip he learns to loosen up, as Chris and Nicki are more adventures. After a game of truth or dare in the pool where the two ladies get naked and make out with each other, the couples go back into the hotel and continue the game which leads to Chris and Sondra having sex on a chair while Kent and Monica have sex on a bed.

Pretty good episode, especially when the ladies get together. FOUR STARS

Written by Anthony L. Greene and Daryl Haney and directed by Lucas Riley
This episode is a little different as Veronica reads a fax she received (remember, this was 2002, before the internet was a widespread as it is today) from a young college student named Matt (Lane Anderson) whom we see was having problems with his girlfriend Melissa (Ava Vincent aka Jewel Valmont) due to the fact that he wasn’t very good in bed. We see them have sex time and each time Matt just pounds her really fast and then cums quickly, leaving Melissa unsatisfied. Melissa sets him up with a tutor, who is Veronica (although Matt is unaware that this is the same women from the radio show), ostensibly to help him with his English lessons. During their sessions he confides in her to his problems with Melissa, and Veronica seduces him and teaches him how to be a more satisfying lover. It turns out that’s the real reason Melissa sent him to her, and in the end Matt and Melissa have much better sex.

It was rare to see Davies herself in sex scenes on this series. But she was very good, especially in her scene with Anderson. There was also the start of a lesbian scene with Valmont, but it stops before they get any farther than kissing, which is a shame. That would’ve been smokin’ hot. FOUR STARS

“The Peeping Thompsons”
Written by Anthony L. Greene and directed by Lucas Riley
Nick (Frank Harper) talks about the time he rented a room in a guest-house from a married couple, Maggie and Blaine Thompson (Julia Parton and Burke Morgan). It turns out that they’re voyeurs and exhibitionists, with cameras set up around the house, who have no compunctions against getting nude around the house and having sex where Frank can see them. Jezebelle Bond plays Coralynne, the former renter of the guest-house who comes back to pick up some of her stuff, and she and Frank have sex, while the Thompsons watch them via camera.

Anything with Julia Parton in it gets and automatic FIVE STARS

“Seeing Double”
Written by Karen O’Hara, directed by Lucas Riley
John Russell Hughes (aka Justin Hughes) plays Ben, who lives with his girlfriend Lee (Isabella…no last name), and they have a hot and satisfying sex life. But Ben is preoccupied with a recurring fantasy of having sex with two women at the same time (doesn’t every straight man?). We see three different daydreams of Ben having sex (on a bed, on a couch, and then in a cave) with two women, played by Holly Sampson and Maya Divine (aka Wendy Divine). When he finally tells Isabella about his fantasy, she invites another women (Dominica Leoni) over for Ben’s birthday for them to have a threesome for real.

The threesomes in this scene are all top notch. FIVE STARS

“Private Eyes”
Written by Anthony L. Greene and Daryl Haney and directed by Valerie Landsburg
Randy Spears plays Guy, a private detective who calls in to talk about how he was hired by a wealthy man (Joel Polis) to spy on the man’s wife, Shannon (Julia Kruis), to see if she’s cheating on them. Guy sets up video cameras inside the house and monitors her, becoming obsessed with her himself as he see her getting undressed and masturbating while she has phone sex with someone. And then it turns out that she is indeed cheating, with a man named Steve (John Crown), and Guy sees them having sex. When John’s wife Julie (Candace Washington) comes by to see Shannon and confides about her suspicions that Steve is cheating on her, and is sad about it. Shannon consoles her, and the two women end up having sex. And when Shannon reveals that she knows Guy has been spying on her, she confronts him and buys his silence by having sex with him as well.

Good episode. An interracial lesbian sex scene is a rarity and always a pleasure. Only downside is there was the hint of a hookup between Spears and Washington’s characters, but that wasn’t actually show. FOUR STARS

“Not On The Menu”
Written by Karen O’Hara, Edward Gorsuch, & April White, directed by Valerie Landsburg
Collete (Nikita Cash aka Nakita Cash) calls in to talk about a time her and her boyfriend Jason (Scott Anthony Gould) go to a Chinese restaurant to meet Jason’s potential new boss Mr. Jenkins (Richard Bronson aka Richard Neil). When Collete and Jason arrive at the restaurant they see a couple (Syren and Eddie Jay aka Eddy Jay) having sex up against the wall on the side of the building. During dinner Mr. Jenkins fantasizes about having sex with Collette right there on the table. Later, excuses herself to go to the ladies room, where she meets the waitress, who was the women from before, and they have sex on a coach in the ladies room. When the dinner is over, Mr. Jenkins is impressed enough with Jason to offer him the job, and Jason and Collette are so excited that when they leave they sneak over to the side of the building and have sex up against the wall just like the earlier couple.

This episode works well, especially for the scene of Syren and Nikita. FOUR STARS

“Dressing Room”
Written by Anthony L. Greene and directed by Lucas Riley
Rory (Jason Schnuit) calls in to talk about his live-in girlfriend Lizzie (Chelsea Blue aka Chelsea Bleu). They have a hot sex life at home (opening scene is them having sex on their bed), but this is about the first time they had sex in public. They go out shopping together for lingerie, and Lizzie ends up pulling him into the dressing room so they can have sex. April Blossom also stars as another costumer in the store whom just fantasizes about her stripping for him and then giving him a lapdance. And Olivia Saint plays a saleswomen at the store whom Rory also fantasizes about her stripping for him, and then he later fantasizes about seeing her in a dressing room having sex with another female costumer (whose name isn’t in the credits).

Schnuit and Blue have great chemistry in this episode. FOUR STARS

“Nice and Easy”
Written by Karen O’Hara and directed by Valerie Landsburg
Monica (Mandy Fisher aka Rebecca Davis) calls in to talk about her and her husband Jimmy (Chris Prince). We see them having hot sex in their bedroom, which Monica appears to enjoy. They’re both stressed and work a lot. One weekend they had plans to go to Laughlin, but Jimmy end up having to work that weekend, so Monica goes with her friend Rita (T.J. Hart). We see them playing poker with a couple of random guys, whom they ladies distract by acting flirty with each other (we get a full-blown fantasy sequence of the ladies having sex on the poker table. They ladies end up winning a bunch of money from the game. Later, back at their hotel room they’re sharing, Rita gives Monica a nude massage, and Monica confesses that she never has an orgasm with Jimmy, so Rita offers to show her had to get off, and they have sex on the bed for real. Back at home, Monica shows off the money she made, so she and Jimmy go out to celebrate and the come back and have sex, this time Monica showing the new moves Rita taught her, and now they’re both satisfied.

Mandy Fisher is always amazing, especially her scenes with T.J. Hart here. FIVE STARS

“Class Act”
Written by Karen O’Hara and directed by Valerie Landsburg
Margo (Chloe) calls in to talk about her fantasies. She’s a white collar businesswoman who was engaged to a wealthy white collar businessman, but all of her fantasies are about having sex with blue collar men. First we see her fantasizing about having sex in the shower with her plumber (Rafe). Then she takes her car into the shop and fantasizes about having sex with the mechanic (Lexington Steele) in her car, getting all filthy from his greasy hands. We also get a solo scene of her masturbating in the shower while she fantasizes about having sex with a construction guy (Nick Manning). When Margo catches her fiancé (Todd Svoboda) making out in his car with some other woman (Adajja), she finally makes her fantasy come true by seducing the construction guy for real, and they have sex on a chair in her kitchen. And in the end she reveals to Veronica that she and the construction guy got married.

Chloe isn’t the hottest woman in the world, but has an undeniable sex appeal. And this episode is notable for all the hardcore porn stars in it. I was especially surprised to see Lexington Steele, since you don’t see a lot of interracial scenes in this softcore shows. FOUR STARS

“Mystery Writer”
Written by Anthony L. Green & Daryl Haney, directed by Valerie Landsburg
Madeline (Gina Ryder) is the secretary for Neal (Craig Stepp aka Alan Craig), and advertising executive. They’re having an affair, but keeping it a secret because it’s against company policy. We get a couple of scenes of them banging in Neal’s office, up against the door and in his chair. Susan Featherly plays Theresa, the tough President of the company, whom is also having an affair with Neal. We see them having sex in her office. David Usher plays Dave, another ad executive at the company, who finds out about Madeline and Neal so she has sex with him on the Conference Room table, to keep him quiet. Eventually the affair is found out Theresa fires Neal and has promotes Madeline to take his place, and then she and Madeline have sex in her office.

I love Gina Ryder, and these scenes were hot stuff. FIVE STARS

“For Love Of Art”
Written by Karen O’Hara, Edward Gorsuch, & April White, directed by Valerie Landsburg
Wendy Rice plays Lauren, who calls to tell about the day she came home early and caught her boyfriend (Eddy Romio) having sex in their bed with another woman (Dru Berrymore). She storms out and goes to the studio of George (Alex Ferro) an artist that she works with. She strips to pose nude for him as they talk about her problems. At Alex leave for awhile we get a scene of Lauren masturbating on his bed. When he comes back she poses for him again, and he paints on her body. Then they go to the roof of his building where he takes pictures of her, and then she fantasizes about them having sex. There’s more scenes of him painting her, and her fantasizing about sex. Michael comes by and begs her to come back. She rejects him and kicks him out and then she and George finally have sex for real.

This is the only episode that I didn’t find very arousing. Nothing really wrong with the story, but it’s the leading lady, Wendy Rice. She’s just not attractive to me. So I can skip this one.

Written by Anthony L. Greene & Daryl Haney, directed by Valerie Landsburg
Susan (Keri Windsor) calls in to talk about a rotten day she had. She gets laid off from her job and then when she gets home she catches her boyfriend Chad (Jonathan Gray) in bed with another woman (Dru Berrymore again). She storms out and goes to her friend Angela (Sunrise Adams) who invites her to stay in her house while Angela goes out of town for a few weeks. That night we get a montage of Susan going through Angela’s clothes trying on different lingerie outfits. Then she finds a private video of Angela having sex with a man named Scott (James Bonn). Susan masturbates while she watches the tape. Then Scott calls, wanting to have phone sex with Angela. But Susan picks up and they start talking and having phone sex while Susan images that it’s her and Scott on the video, acting out the scenes that Scott is describing. The next morning Scott comes over to introduce himself in person, bringing Susan some flowers. They sit and talk and have drinks and that leads to sex. They next morning, while they’re still in bed, Susan gets a call that Angela is on her way back early, and Susan tries to kick him out before Angela gets back. But Scott reveals that Angela knows, because she told him to call and try to talk to Susan to cheer her up. Susan’s pissed, she feels like she’s been manipulated, but then she gets over it. And when Angela arrives home she finds Scott and Susan having sex in her bed, and they encourage her to join them, which she does.

Wow! The threesome scene alone makes this one worth FIVE STARS

Overall a great collection of a great softcore series. According to IMDB there was actually one more episode in this season, called Warrior Princess, which isn’t included here for some reason (I guess they couldn’t fit 4 episodes on 1 disc?), and I don’t remember ever seeing that one. All the episodes are beautifully shot by the various directors. This is a softcore series that would be ideal for couples to watch together.

Unfortunately, it’s never been released on DVD in America, as far as I can see. I had to get a copy from Australia via Ebay. Thankfully I have a Region Free DVD player, so I can play foreign DVD’s. Copies of this DVD can be expensive, but I consider it worth it.

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