Secrets Sins

First of all that’s not a typo, the title of this film is Secrets Sins, not Secret Sins, or Secrets And Sins, but Secrets Sins. No, that doesn’t sound right, but we don’t watch films like this for the titles, do we? No! Of course not! We watch them for the sex scenes. And this film has plenty of those because this is another compilation film, where the studio (in this case, Mainline Releasing) takes a bunch of sex scenes from previous films and puts them all together and shoots a new framing sequence to make into on “new” film.

April White and Edward Gorsuch are credited as writers with Geoff MacTannish as the director for the framing sequence. Michelle Lay and Randy Spears play Kristin and Sean Eisner, two doctors who run a Marriage and Family Counseling practice together. Chloe Morgan and Sean Juergens play Valerie and Brad, a couple who come to them for therapy. The doctors talk to the couple both together and separately, with Kristin talking to Valerie privately while Sean talks to Brad. During the course of these sessions, the doctors talk about the sex lives of some of their former patients, while Valerie and Brad also bring up some examples of things they’ve heard about the sex lives of some of their friends, and that’s where the recycled sex scenes are used as flashbacks in this film. 

It’s not a bad premise for a film of this type. The old scenes are all taken from episodes of two softcore TV series, Nightcap and The Best Sex Ever, both of which were favorite shows of mine, which is how I was able to recognize each scene and the actors in them. That’s helpful because in films like these they never list those actors or say where the scenes came from in the credits, so it’s not always easy for me to identify everyone.

Altogether we get 14 recycled sex scenes.

From Nightcap we get a solo nude masturbation scene from Nikki Fritz, and one on one scenes from Kim Yates and Richard Neil, Stella Porter with Chris Villa, Kira Reed Lorsch with Chris Villa, Peggy Trentini and Brad Bartram, two scenes of Lisa Throw and Brucio D’Luria, Julia Kruis and Timothy Stempien, and a threesome between Julia Kruis, Kim Woods, and Burke Morgan.

And from The Best Sex Ever we get one on one scenes of Gina Ryder and Susan Featherly with Craig Stepp and then Gina and Susan with each other. Mandy Fisher with Chris Prince and then with T.J. Hart.

All of the scenes are very hot, with attractive women and realistic looking passion. It’s a “greatest hits” collection of softcore sex scenes.

There’s also a couple of scenes from The Best Sex Ever with Dru Berrymore, Kerry Windsor, Jonathan Gray, and Sunrise Adams, but they’re not full sex scenes, although we do see the ladies nude or topless, so I don’t really count those.

Within the framing sequence, there are four new sex scenes filmed for this movie. Michelle Lay and Randy Spears have a scene together, and Michelle Lay also has a lesbian scene with Chloe Morgan, and Chloe and Sean Juergens have two scenes together. And it’s those scenes that bring this movie down for me.

Personally I just don’t find either Michelle Lay or Chloe Morgan physically attractive, therefore I had no interest in watching their sex scenes, not even the lesbian scene turned me on. And none of them were particularly good actors, Sean Juergens wasn’t convincing at all when speaking. Randy Spears was the pro of the group, but he couldn’t carry the movie by himself.

But the 14 recycled sex scenes are hot enough to make this film worth watching. Just fast forward through the framing sequence, and you’re sure to enjoy it. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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