Passion Cove: Enchanted Weekend

Cheyenne Silver and Amanda Prentice 

Enchanted Weekend is the second episode in the second season of Passion Cove, which debuted in 2001. Written by Leland Zaitz and directed by Carrington Stark, the episode stars Amanda Prentice as a newly divorced woman named Kate. It was a bitter divorce and to get over it she’s rented the Passion Cove house for three days to relax with “no phones, no meetings, and no men”, and she’s invited along her friend Ellie (Cheyenne Silver) to stay with her.

As the episode begins Ellie is in a relationship with a man named Ron (played by a man credited here as Scott Duc although I know I recognize him from other roles I just can’t remember where or what name he used) but it doesn’t appear to be very satisfying for her as Ron takes her for granted and won’t commit to any plans for the future. Ellie joins Kate at the house, and they walk along the beach and talk about their lives. Kate doesn’t want to think about relationships at all anymore and tells Ellie not to be in a rush to get married.

That first day, the ladies meet Hawkeye and Antonio (Mark Ritter and Trevor Dean), two men who were sailing but their boat crashed on the beach. Reluctantly, Kate allows them to stay in the guest house until they can fix their boat.

And, well, to make a long story short, over the course of the episode each lady has sex with each man, separately. So that means we get 4 full sex scenes, which is pretty good.  And it turns out that despite her initial “no men” rule, sex with two hot guys was just what Kate needed to cheer her up, and it was likewise what Ellie needed to clear her mind. Despite a brief scene where the two ladies are naked in bed together, there was no lesbian scene, which is the only thing that could have made this episode even better.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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