Nightcap episode 8: His Little Games

In this episode, written by D. Ray Morton and directed by David Nicholas, we open at Kim (Kim Yates) and Trina’s (Nikki Fritz) apartment. We learn that lately Kim’s been getting calls from her ex-boyfriend Simon, whom she broke up with a year before. Trina says she liked the two of them together, but Kim says that Simon was too “smothering” for her, he wanted to get more serious than she did, talking about moving in together and possibly getting married. But being only 26 at the time, Kim just wasn’t ready for that type of commitment. So she’s been avoiding Simon’s calls as she’s sure he still feels the same. When Trina says she thought Simon was cute, Kim says that if she wanted to take a shot with him she could.

Simon, played by Richard Neil, later shows up at the apartment while Kim is away. He tells Trina that he’s still in love with Kim, while Trina tries to convince him to move on. After finding out that Kim is going out with some random man (Lance Moseley) that she met at the bar, Simon gets Trina to pretend she’s going out with him, hoping that will make Trina jealous. Trina agrees despite knowing that Kim told her about dating Simon earlier.

Later Simon and Trina go back to Simon’s place, where they flirt with each other and end up having sex for real. When Simon takes Trina back to her place the next morning, Kim is up waiting for them. Now it turns out that Kim is actually jealous when she sees them together, and she and Simon have an argument but in the end, they decide to at least talk about getting back together. And Trina, knowing that it’s Kim that Simon really wants, agrees to back off as she and Kim vow to not let any man come between them. So alls well that ends well, I guess.

The story was a little weak in some points, with a vague ending, but again I appreciate how this series attempts to show how people’s choices regarding sex and relationships can have unexpected emotional consequences. Richard Neil was a great addition to this episode as Simon, he really captured the emotional conflicts of the character (sadly, this would be his only appearance in the series, he could have been a good recurring character). Tane McClure was a bit wasted in this episode, as her character didn’t have much to do with the main plot, but certainly, if you’re a fan of Kim Yates you’ll love this episode as she was in the majority of it.

We get five full sex scenes in this episode. Three between Kim Yates and Richard Neil, one with Kim Yates and Lance Moseley, and one with Nikki Fritz and Richard Neil. Plus Nikki Fritz has a solo scene when she gets nude and masturbates in a bathtub. So that’s quite a bargain.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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