Passion Cove: The Bet

Gabriella Hall

The Bet is the third episode from the second season of Passion Cove, which originally aired in 2001. Written by Leland Zaitz and directed by Robert Kubilos, this is one of my all-time favorite episodes of this series. Gabriella Hall, Tina New, and Judy Moulton as Cassidy, Dusty, and Mona, three single friends who’ve all booked the Passion Cove house for a 5-day vacation. The episode opens with the three ladies sunning topless by the pool and dishing about their sex lives. Later that afternoon, Jarod Carey shows up.

The closing credits list Jarod’s character as Tony, but he says his name is Paulo in the episode, and that’s what he’s referred to. Not Paul, but Paulo. I swear I was replaying scenes where his name was spoken to make sure I was hearing that correctly. It’s a bit odd.

Anyway, Paulo is a maintenance man who works for Samantha (Caroline Ambrose) and he showed up just to get some tools he’d left at the house. The three ladies are all immediately smitten by him, and they end up making a bet to see who can seduce him the quickest. Not who gets him first, as they all basically agree to take turns with him, but specifically how long it would take each one to get him to proposition them for sex. They set up rules of no parading around naked in front of him or throwing themselves at him, as that’s too easy.  And none of them can directly say they want him, it has to be his idea. So Cassidy calls Samantha and gets her to tell Paulo that she wants him to stay at the house for the weekend to do some yard work. So he agrees and says he’ll stay in the guest house and try not to bother the ladies on their vacation.

I’ll note that when he’s asked if he’s seeing anyone, Paulo says he was recently dumped by a woman who was the love of his life, and he can’t even think about being with anyone else right now. So there’s an extra challenge.

And that’s the premise of the episode, as we watch as each women takes a turn being alone with Paulo and trying to subtly flirt with him until he makes a move on them. I suppose it’s not a huge spoiler to tell you that they each succeed. I’ll also note that originally the bet was just between Cassidy and Dusty, but after each one succeeds in having sex with Paulo, Mona is inspired to join the bet and takes her shot. I won’t say how each one did it, or who won the bet, you’ll have to watch the episode to see for yourselves, but we get three hot sex scenes along the way, and yes there’s a traditional Passion Cove plot-twist at the end.

Gabriella Hall is one of my all-time favorite softcore stars, which is a large part of why I love this episode so much, She’s always amazing. Tina New and Judy Moulton are also very attractive ladies and good actresses. Sadly this is Moulton’s one and only acting credit an IMDB.  (Edit 3/25/21: a helpful Twitter account has informed me that Moulton has multiple credits under the name Janine Stillo/Janine A. Stillo, including the film MASSEUSE 2 and TV series EROTIC CONFESSIONS, which I’ve reviewed before. I just didn’t recognize her). And this was Tina New’s second to last acting role, having been at it about 5 years before. It’s a shame that neither lady did much more softcore work as I would have loved to have seen more of them on screen. Jarod Carey also did a good job as the boytoy of the episode. Well worth watching. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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