Going back to the golden era of softcore, it was 1997 when this film, written by Sean O’Bannon and directed by Fred Olen Ray (under the name Peter Daniels) was released. Despite the number in the title, this film (which has also been known as “MADISON’S PLACE”) has absolutely no connection, story-wise, to Fred Olen Ray’s 1996 film MASSEUSE.

Gabriella Hall stars as Madison Dane, a Madam who runs a Call Girl service, under the guise of running a massage parlor. We learn that she’s able to operate in the city relatively out in the open thanks to that fact she has an ongoing sexual affair with the local Sherrif, Don Branigan, played by Robert Donavan. Landon Hall also stars in this film as Isabella, one of Madison’s employees and trusted confidant. Libby George plays Sara Jane, another of Madison’s employees (actually, she and Isabella are the only two call girls we see in this film, I presume that there must be some other ladies working for Madison since she lives in a large mansion, but we don’t meet any).

So, to start off, we see some scenes of Madison and her girls in action. Isabella goes to the home of a famous movie star named Shane Grant (Sam Anno) to have sex with him, Sherrif Branigan shows up as Madison’s place, at first appearing to get ready to arrest her, but then they have sex. Then we’re introduced to Senator Reynold, played by Joe Haggerty. He’s just returned to his home from Washington D.C., and his assistant calls Madison to send over a girl to give the Senator a “massage.” Madison sends Sara Jane, who’s apparently been with the Senator before. But before she and the Senator can get it on, they’re interrupted by the arrival of two men identified only as Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones (Arthur Roberts and Tom Ferguson), and the Senator sends Sara Jay away so he can go talk to those two men.

On her way out, Sara Jane is hit on by Senator Reynold’s young and muscular bodyguard, Paul (Chip Holman), and those two sneak off into one of the bedrooms to have sex. Afterward, Paul leaves Sara Jane alone, and as she’s leaving she goes back to the Senator’s home office to look for something she thinks she left there, but as she comes to it the door is closed and she stops and listens to the conversation that the Senator is having with Smith and Jones.

It turns out that Smith and Jones are men with a lot of political power behind the scenes, and they’ve been the Senator’s secret benefactors for years, with the ultimate goal of eventually getting him elected President. They’ve help craft his image as a morally upstanding conservative, although he’s secretly a hound dog, and that includes killing some woman who was about to come forward and press some kind of criminal charges against the Senator. It’s at this point that Sara Jane accidentally makes a noise that alerts the men to her presence, and they try to stop her as she runs out the door, gets to her car, and drives away, racing back to Madison’s to hide out.

Now Smith and Jones want to find and kill Sara Jane. And since they know who she works for, this sets them after Madison too. It turns out that they just so happen to have pictures of Madison with Sherrif Branigan together, and they use that to blackmail him into arresting Madison (and Isabella) for real, both to keep her out of the way while they search for Sara Jane and also to discredit Madison in case she ever goes public with what Sara Jane told her. The Sherrif’s hands are tied, so he does his job and arrests the ladies. But then he and Madison try to come up with a plan to save themselves and expose Smith and Jones before they get to Sara Jane. What happens next? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT.

It’s a decent script, the story is interesting enough to keep you interested until the end, and it’s well shot on various locations (this is back with softcore films had real budgets). The cast all do a good job in their roles. Gabriella and Landon Hall were two of my favorite softcore actresses of the time, as in addition to being gorgeous and willing to get naked on film, both were also good actors. Robert Donavan was also already an accomplished actor by this point and does a fine job here. And Joe Haggerty does an excellent job as the sleazy Senator, while Roberts and Ferguson are appropriately menacing as Smith and Jones.  I’ll note that Michelle Bauer has a very small role early on in this film, playing a reporter who interviews Shane Grant. When I first saw her I assumed the scene would lead to her and Shane having sex, but instead she just asks a few brief questions and leaves. It just seemed odd to have an actress of her caliber for such a small role.

But let’s get to the real meat and potatoes of this film: the sex scenes!

There are six full scenes in this film. Gabriella Hall and Robert Donavan have two together. Both very hot. Landon Hall has two scenes, one with Sam Anno, that’s mentioned earlier, and another with Michel Bal, who plays a man named Conner. Also very hot. There’s also the scene between Libby George and Chip Holman. I’ll be brutally honest, while Libby is a good actress in this film, I don’t find her particularly attractive, she not ugly just not my type. So her scene didn’t do much for me. And there’s one more scene between Sam Anno and Janine A. Stillo, which is not bad, although it takes place in a bubble bath, so you can’t see as much as you would without the bubbles in the way.

There’s also a scene where a sexy woman credited only as Katz performs on stage in a strip club, dancing topless with two sticks on fire in her hands. Libby George also dances on stage in bra and panties but doesn’t take anything off.

All in all, MASSEUSE 2 is an exciting erotic thriller. Definitely worth watching. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS



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