Sinful Desires

This 2001 film from MRG Entertainment was written by Edward Gorsuch and April White and directed by David Nicholas. It stars Jacy Andrews as Angelica a woman who hosts a radio talk show under the name Gia in which people call in to talk about their sexual experiences and fantasies. I’ve noticed that this particular profession was used in quite a few softcore films and TV shows over the years. And with good reason, as it gives the screenwriters an easy excuse to add in however many random sex scenes as they want, without necessarily having to worry about whether the setting or premise of the scenes fit into the story.

The story here is that Angelica’s show has been rising in the local ratings, and her boss Jonathan (Craig Stepp) wants to dramatically increase promotion for the show, in order to eventually syndicate it nationally. And part of his ideas for promotion involves posting Angelica’s face on billboards. But much to Johnathan’s dismay, Angelica doesn’t want to reveal that she’s the face behind “Gia,” she prefers to keep her real identity secret for her own privacy. We learn that this is because of a hurtful incident in her past involving a loved one and a connection to her job. But those details are revealed slowly over the course of the film. Tony Tedeschi is in the film as Aaron, the producer and call-screener who works on Angelica’s show

And then more trouble comes when Angelica starts getting stalked by some anonymous person, who keeps sending pictures of her in very private moments. Could her life be in danger? Is the stalker someone she knows? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!

No spoilers, but this one of the better-written erotic thrillers of the genre. It’s a true mystery, with several twists and turns right up until the end. And much credit goes to Jacy Andrews, who carries the majority of the film, and shows an impressive emotional range as an actress. And she’s also pretty damn attractive, with a natural body that she is not shy about showing off in her multiple sex scenes.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about the sex scenes!

This film has TWELVE full sex scenes. Some of the one-off scenes, which are showing the calls to Angelica’s show are an opening scene with Danny Pape, who plays a guy who wins the opportunity to have sex with his buddy’s girl (or wife, it’s not clear) in a poker game. Sunrise Adams plays the girl, and we see the two of them together. Also, a scene between a woman credited only as Corine and Dino Bravo, as a couple who meet at a Halloween costume party at a club and then sneak off to a backroom to have sex. And there’s a scene between Alex Ferro, who plays a man named Nick who has a major role in this film, and Summer Fields, as he recalls surprising his ex-girlfriend in a hotel one night. And Chelsea Blue and David Usher had a scene together, playing a couple of joggers who hooked up in a public park one day.

Nikita Cash plays Loren, a friend of Angelica’s, and she and Craig Stepp have two scenes together.

The remaining SIX scenes all include Jacy Andrews. And the thing is that I can’t really say much about the scenes, including who she’s with, without kind of revealing some story spoilers. So I’ll say is that some of the scenes are real, happening in the present, some are flashbacks to past encounters and some are just fantasies. All of them are B/G, which is the one only downside of this film, in that there are no lesbian scenes or real threesome. One of the scenes starts off like it will be a B/G/G threesome, but the other woman just masturbates while watching the couple have sex, she doesn’t join in. But the bottom line is that they’re all smokin’ hot scenes.

SINFUL DESIRES is suspenseful, sexy, and satisfying. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

Unfortunately, a good UNRATED version of this film can be hard to find on DVD. Amazon currently has two for sale, both say “Unrated” but the reviews say otherwise. You can also check EBAY and ALIBRIS

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  1. Chance,I just watch this and it wasn’t bad at all. Jacy is not only a good actress ,she has a sexy voice! I was able to find the unrated version on EBay! I also just watched Secret Needs your right the movie just ended. It was so worth seeing the late,great Lisa Comshaw she will always be one of my favorites!

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