Nightcap episode 9: One Night Affair

April White and Edward Gorsuch wrote this episode, which was directed by David Nicholas. Dana Robbins and Everett Rodd guest-star as Mimi and Ray, an engaged couple about to be married. But they made an agreement that they each get one last “fling” before their wedding. They can do whatever they want, with whomever they want, and neither will question the other about it or hold it against the other.

Mimi is an old friend of Kim’s (Kim Yates), whom she hasn’t seen in a year. Mimi shows up at the bar, where she meets with Kim and Nikki (Tane McClure), who start questioning her about Ray about if she’s really ready to be with just one man for the rest of her life (which seems like a bit of a rude thing to say to a friend just before they get married, but nevermind). Mimi stalls them about her and Ray’s agreement and they ask what she wants to do but she isn’t sure, and so she asks them what their ultimate sexual fantasies are.

Nikki fantasizes about having sex with a stranger late at night while alone in the bar after it’s closed. Kim fantasizes about secretly watching another couple have sex. Eventually, Mimi decides that she’s going to get dressed up in a disguise and go back to her place and seduce Ray, role-playing as if she’s a stranger. And she leaves a window open and invites Kim to come with her and watch, to fulfill Kim’s fantasy. The episode then jumps ahead to some point in the future where Kim and Nikki are at the bar, reading a postcard they got from Mimi as she and Ray are on their honeymoon in Tahiti. THE END.

A decent episode, story-wise. We got four sex scenes. Two between Dana Robbins and Everett Rodd. One with Tane McClure and Michael Iskra, who plays the man in her fantasy. And there’s the scene enacting Kim’s fantasy, we see her watching two people have sex. The woman is credited as Fabiola, but the man is unidentified and I couldn’t get a clear enough look at his face to even see if I recognized him. That was the disappointing scene that marred this otherwise good episode (that and the fact that Nikki Fritz didn’t appear in it).

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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