Erotic Confessions: Allure

Here is another DVD collection of episodes from the classic softcore TV series EROTIC CONFESSIONS, “starring” Ava Fabian. This is a random collection of five episodes mostly from the series’ third and fourth seasons, most of them directed by Peter Gathings Bunche

Written by Rick Bitzelberger

Cliff (Michael Carr) is an accountant who dreams of being a writer. One day, after some romantic sex-play with his girlfriend (Caroline Key Johnson) in his own bedroom he slips and breaks his leg, requiring a cast. His girlfriend is leaving town for a few days, and while he’s now stuck at home alone Cliff decided to finally try writing a book. Looking out the window of his apartment he’s able to see into the windows of some apartments in the building across from his. A site that really catches his eye is when he sees a woman (adult film star Leena) that he privately calls “Red”, because of her red hair, laying topless on her bed. Over the next few days and nights, he frequently watches sees her making love to another woman (credited only as “Chia”) and with a man (Paul Logan). He can’t hear their voices very well from the distance, but from what he can see it would appear that Red is in a relationship with the man while secretly cheating with the woman. As he watches events unfold Cliff is inspired to write a story based on what he sees. Eventually, both the man and the woman confront Red and a big fight ensues and she is left alone. Then to Cliff’s suprise, she comes knocking on his door, introducing herself and asking to “borrow” some wine. They begin talking and it turns out that Red, whose name Alicia, knows that Cliff has been watching her, and the two of them have sex. Cliff then finishes his book (called “Through An Open Window”) and announces that he sold it to a publisher.

Storywise it’s a decent episode but could have been a bit hotter. Needed more full sex scenes with Leena.

Written by Alan Mruvka and Sahara Riley

Kim Yates stars as Rosie, who surprises her husband Antonio (Laizlado De Los Reyes) on his birthday with a cake, and then she blindfolds him and they have sex on the couch in their living room. Then afterward she takes him, still blindfolded, to a strip club, and pays for a stripper named Camille (Sabrina Allen) to give him a lapdance. This excites them both so much that they rush back home and have sex again. Later Rosie goes back to the strip club and pays Camille to teach her how to strip because she wants to surprise Antonio with a striptease on their upcoming anniversary. But then on the night of the anniversary, Antonio surprises Rosie first, but blindfolding her and taking her back to the strip club and paying for Camille to give her a lapdance. Knowing about Rosie’s plans, Camille then takes Rosie backstage, to Antonio’s surprise, and then Rosie comes back out and performs a striptease, along with Camille, on stage in front of the whole club.

This is hot. Kim Yates is always awesome.

Written by Sahara Riley

Dominic (Herve Guillon) works as a projectionist in a small arthouse film theater in Montreal. On Saturday nights at Midnight the theater show “erotic movies.” Janine A. Stillo plays Dominic’s girlfriend Gina, who often joins him during those midnight showings, and the two of them have sex in the projector room while the film is showing. Ai Wan plays Jasmine, a woman whom Dominic and Gina have both noticed is a regular customer who attends those erotic movies, always arriving by herself right after the film begins and leaving as soon as it’s over. This makes them both curious about her.
One Saturday night, when Gina couldn’t make it, something goes wrong with the film that they were showing so the theater has to cancel the movie and refund everyone’s money. As Dominic is cleaning up in the projection room, Jasmine comes in, introduces herself and seduces Dominic. Afterward, she asks Dominic for a favor. She wants Dominic to come to her home and secretly film her and her husband, Fernando (Jeffrey Castillo) having sex, which Dominic does, while Jasmine has Fernando blindfolded so he doesn’t see Dominic.
Then the next Saturday at midnight Jasmine brings Fernando to the theater for a private showing. Dominic plays the video of Jasmine and Fernando on the screen, and the two of them have sex in the theater while watching it. Gina is there too, and she and Dominic also have sex, up in the projector room, during the video. Gina then asks Dominic to see if Jasmine would be interested in joining them for a threesome, and then next we see that threesome happen in the projector room.

Another hot one. I wish we’d seen more of Ai Wan in softcore after this.

Written by Josh Levitan and directed by Marcy Ronen
Note: This episode is from the 5th season, where Layla Roberts had taken over the role of Jacqueline Stone, appearing in the opening sequence.

Juan Carlos plays a man with one heck of a problem. He’s single, but currently dating two extremely hot women, Samantha (Brande Roderick, mistakenly credited as Nicole Arlen) and Helen (Michelle Von Flotow credited as Michelle Hall). The problem is that he’s getting exhausted dating and having sex with both women all the time, and feels like he needs to choose to settle down with one of them, but he’s not sure which one. So most of the episode shows him going back and forth having sex with each woman. In the bathtub, in the kitchen, on the couch, in the doorway. Poor guy. Things come to a head one day when he comes home from work and finds both women waiting for him, having supposedly just found out about each other. And just when it looks like a catfight is about to break out, instead we get a threesome!

One of the best episodes of this series ever! Brande and Michelle are amazing on their own, but seeing them together is out of this world!

Written by Sahara Riley

Monique Parent is Dr. Erika Allman, a scientist, attending some kind of scientific convention. She arrives in her hotel room, expecting a boring weekend, as those conventions generally are. But as she’s getting undressed for bed she hears through the wall in the closet the couple in the room next to hers having sex. This turns her on and she masturbates on the bed. The next day she attends some boring meeting at the convention, and then back at the hotel, she meets the couple next door, Jeff and Stephanie Marsh (Dion DeRizzo and Michele Meyer).

*I can’t help but note a serious editing hero, as Dion introduces himself as “Steve Marsh” and then a couple of minutes later Stephanie refers to him as “Jeff”, which is what he is referred to for the rest of the episode and is the name his character is credited as. That is a serious screw-up.

Jeff and Stephanie invite Erika to come dancing with them that night, which she somewhat reluctantly accepts. But at the club, she gets hot and turned on by all the people dancing. Afterward, back at the hotel, Erika takes a bath and masturbates again. After she gets out, she listens again to Jeff and Stephanie having sex, and gets so turned on that she ends up joining them, which they encourage, and they all have a hot threesome, as another scientist who was introduced earlier (played by Glori Gold) listens to them through the wall and masturbates.

Monique Parent is a legend in softcore, and this was her in her prime. Nobody does solo masturbation scenes as good as she does.

Overall this is a very hot collection of episodes, albeit a bit random. I wish there was a proper DVD boxset of the entire series. But this is a great deal.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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  1. Have you ever did a review on Midnight Confession? Was curious what you thought about the movie. I got a tad confused.


    • Hello Lana!
      I checked and I don’t currently have that film, although it sounds familiar. And the man I usually buy from only has the R-rated version for sale. I’ll keep looking, and if I can find the Unrated version, I’ll get it.


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