Space Bandits #3

Picking up from the previous issue, Cody and Thena have escaped from their intergalactic prison, The Crustacean, and are now on a quest to get revenge on their former partners who betrayed them. In this issue we see them going after two of Cody’s old gang. First, they arrive on the planet Korax, which is sort of a planet-wide Spa. This planet is home to an indigenous fish-species which can regenerate and revitalize the bodies of other beings when you get into the water with them. Old Man Skinner has arrived with his henchman and killed the former owner of the planet, and plans to take over, where he’ll get even richer by selling access to the fish to beings from around the galaxy. But Cody and Thena show up and interrupt his plans.

Then they head to a large spaceship which is basically an intergalactic bordello, where any type of sex you want to have with any type of being you want to have it with can be had for the right amount of money. Bowser Weex has been there for the past two years, ever since the gang betrayed Cody, spending all of his fortune on the kinkiest sex imaginable. Cody and Thena trick their way in, planning to surprise him.

As I noted before, the basic plot of this series isn’t particularly original, but Mark Millar wisely makes it feel unique thanks purely to the setting. By having these adventures taking place in outer space, and making all of the characters different alien species, it injects a certain freshness to the tale. And Millar gives Matteo Scalera plenty of opportunities to show off his artistic skills here, with all of the elaborate settings and wildly variant alien races that he gets to draw.  SPACE BANDITS is one of the most fun books I’ve read this year.



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