Passion Cove: Ten Years Later

Laura Lynn Hoge aka Lauren Hays aka Lauren Hayes

Passion Cove Season One aired from March to May 2000, with 13 episodes. In February 2001 the series returned for its second and final season with this episode titled Ten Years Later, which was written by David Keith Miller and directed by Carlton McRae.

The premise of this episode is rather simple. Lauren Hays and Steven Ginsburg star as Grace and David. They were a former couple who broke up when they were 18, I guess going their separate ways, probably different colleges, but who made an agreement to meet again in ten years if they were both still single. So they meet at the Passion Cove house to reconnect, but with “no expectations.” But the chemistry is clearly still there and they’re barely in the house before they’re making love on the staircase. But just as everything seems to be going well, Sharon shows up. She’s David’s girlfriend, whom he neglected to tell either woman about. Sharon (played by Nancy Vee) found out about David renting the house from Samantha (Caroline Ambrose) and assumed that it was a surprise for her, that’s why she showed up. Well, I’m not going to say more because there are a couple of clever plot-twists that take place before this episode is over and you’ll want to see that for yourself.

We get three sex scenes, two between Hays and Ginsburg and one between Vee and Ginsburg. Hays was one of my favorite softcore actresses, so it was always good to see her onscreen, and she and Ginsburg have decent chemistry. Nancy Vee is a hardcore actress who’d also done some softcore work and she was good in the role, but she’s not really not my type so I didn’t find her sex scene worth watching, which is the only thing that brings down the episode a bit for me. Still, for the performances of Hays and Ginsburg and the clever plot-twists, this episode gets a Chacebook rating of FOUR STARS. A very fine start to Passion Cove’s second season.

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