Passion Cove: The Best Revenge

And here we are, with the 26 and final episode of Passion Cove, which debuted in early 2000 with its first episode The Vibe. After its initial 13-episode season ended, the series returned in 2001 with its second season, which also ran for 13 episodes. Written by David Keith Miller and directed by series creator John Quinn,  this episode stars Sarah Cooper as Joelle.

Joelle was recently dumped by her last boyfriend Travis for another woman. Now she wants to get “revenge” by inviting Travis and his new girlfriend to spend a weekend at the Passion Cove house with her and her new boyfriend, hoping that will make Travis jealous and regret dumping her. The problem is that Joelle doesn’t have a new boyfriend, so she hires her friend Brian (Michael Jay, again credited as Jason Stark), who happens to be an actor, to come to the house and pretend to be her boyfriend.

Anthony DeVilla (who previously appeared in Practice What You Preach) plays Travis while Regina Russell Banali plays his new girlfriend, Mary Ann. Initially, Joelle’s plan doesn’t work so well, as Travis and Mary Ann seem blissfully happy, Joelle even sneaks and watches them have wild and very loud sex in their room. Eventually, Travis gets Joelle alone and tries to come on to her, which makes Joelle realize how untrustworthy he is so she no longer wants him anyway. And, predictably, she turns to Brian for comfort and the two of them end up getting together for real.

I wish I could say that this series went out on a high note, but this episode was just average. The story was pretty predictable, from the minute we first see Joelle and Brian together you know they’ll end up a real couple. We get three full sex scene, Sarah Cooper has one both with DeVilla (a flashback scene) and with Jay, and there’s a scene between DeVilla and Banali, but it’s only the latter that’s really hot. I’d give this episode of Chacebook rating of THREE STARS. It’s fine enough for what is it, by not one of my favorites.

Still, overall, Passion Cove was one of the hotter softcore TV series of its time period. I wish they still made shows like this.

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