Passion Cove: Practice What You Preach

Keri Windsor

Practice What You Preach is the fourth episode of the second season of Passion Cove, which originally aired in 2001. Carlton McRae, who’d previously directed three episodes of this series returns to direct this one and also wrote it. This is his first and only writing credit, so how did he do?

Also returning in this episode is Keri Windsor, who previously appeared in the first season episode THE GETAWAY. She’s the first actor outside of host Caroline Ambrose, who plays Samantha the woman who rents out the Passion Cove house, to appear in more than one episode of this series, and she’s playing an entirely new character. In this episode, Windsor is Dr. Elizabeth Henning, a famous sex therapist, and author. She’s been working constantly for a year and has a book tour coming up, so she’s taking a break rest before that. Melina Hanson plays Dr. Henning’s assistant Ruth, who set up the reservation and is coming along with her. Ruth is the one who insists that Dr. Henning needs to relax, and tries to get her to do so once they’re at the house, but Henning is too uptight.

Brad Bartram plays Frank Winslow, who says to call him Win. He’s a cowboy who lives next door. Ruth encourages him to hang around so Dr. Henning can get to know him, even though at first Dr. Henning isn’t very interested. Anthony Devilla plays Nick, Ruth’s boyfriend, who was also invited to join them. When Nick arrives he and Ruth can’t keep their hands off of each other and are basically constantly banging each other’s brains out. Their amorous actions eventually break through the doctor’s icy exterior and she ends up in bed with Win. The episode ends with a happy ending for all.

There are four sex scenes in this episode, three between Melina Hanson and Anthony Devilla and one with Keri Windsor and Brad Bartram. The first scene with Hanson and Devilla also includes Windsor being topless while masturbating as she listens to them out the door of the bedroom. They’re all hot stuff. My only complaint, keeping this from being a perfect episode is that the last two scenes take place at the same time and the camera switches back and forth between each couple. That’s a tactic I’ve never liked in softcore, I prefer being able to focus on one scene at a time.

Still, overall, it was a very good episode. I don’t know why McRae didn’t do more writing, but he seemed to get out of show business completely soon after this (he directed one more episode of this series), The cast did well. This was Melina Hanson’s one and only acting credit, but she showed a lot of potential here, she could have been a softcore star. Keri Windsor is always great, as is Brad Bartram. So this is an episode worth watching. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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  1. You mentioned about it being Melina Hanson only acting credit but that might not be true as she might use different names and have separate IMDB pages under her different names which seems pointless to me as all actress and actors should only have one page and if I do find this on the IMDB I usually request they be merged to make the IMDb as accurate as possible.


    • It’s true, I’ve noticed this before including other episodes for this series, where some actor uses a name that IMDB doesn’t attach to other names they’ve used. Melina did look a little familiar. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was an XXX star.

      It’s common for many actors to have used different names early in their careers, especially in genres like this, and usually IMDB lists it all on one page but sometimes with small roles like this I guess they don’t catch that.


  2. Love Brad in any softcore film he’s in .He can play any type of character ! Not your typical “hunky muscular” guy and that’s ok! Didn’t really get a good scene with him in here but will do.

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