Nightcap episode 10: Making Believe

Tane McClure

D. Ray Morton wrote and David Nicholas directed this 10th episode of Nightcap, which tells a rather simple story. Nikki (Tane McClure) tells Kim (Kim Yates) about how she’s been recently dating this man named Steve (Steven Ginsburg), but she’s not sure if they’re really connecting. The sexual chemistry doesn’t seem to be there. We’re shown in one flashback how, after dinner at her place, she and Steve were on the couch making out and Steve pulls down her top and begins caressing her bare breasts and she seems to be getting into it, but then he looks at his watch and says he has to leave because he has work tomorrow. 

Collin Toran plays Mario, he’s a professional gigolo. He happens to be sitting at the bar and overhears Nikki and Kim talking, and he offers his card to Nikki telling her that if she’s sexually frustrated she should consider hiring a professional like himself. Nikki seems almost appalled at the suggestion but keeps the card. Later we see her out with Steve again, and this time they have sex. Despite it appearing to be very hot, and satisfying (based on Nikki’s facial expressions during the act), afterward Steve has to quickly leave, mentioning his busy work schedule again. 

Still unsatisfied, Nikki gives in and calls Mario and arranges an “appointment.” She and Mario have sex, and it’s awesome (although, in my opinion, she doesn’t look as aroused as she did during the sex scene with Steve). During this time Steve shows up at the bar and gives Kim a note he’s written that he wants her to give to Nikki, breaking up with her because he says they just don’t seem to be connecting. Kim just tears up the note, because he’s lame. When Nikki shows up at the bar later, Nikki tells her about how good the sex with Mario was, and leaves Kim begging her for his number so she can hire him next. THE END.

So this wasn’t a particularly creative or engaging episode, story-wise. But we did get three hot sex scenes two of which feature Tane McClure, so that makes it worth watching. There’s also a third scene with Collin Toran and Stella Porter, who plays a nameless woman that Mario has sex with (presumably she’s not playing the same nameless woman who had a sex scene in Nightcap’s 5th episode Seductive Fortune, although maybe she is?), and that’s hot too.

I’ll give this episode THREE AND A HALF STARS

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  1. Great Nightcap reviews. Will you also be reviewing the first 6 episodes of Nightcap as well as you started from episode 7 onwards or are you unable to do the first 6.


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