NIGHTCAP episode 5: Seductive Fortune


And this is probably my all-time favorite episode of this series, thanks primarily to that opening scene, of which a screencap is posted above. That is Nikki Fritz with guest-star Leanna Scott. As soon as the opening credit sequence ends, it cuts to these two lovely ladies in bed, making out and peeling each other’s clothes. That image is one of the few that I can safely post uncensored on this blog.


Trust me, it’s HOT.

Leanna’s character is unnamed in this episode, and isn’t seen again afterward. The sex scene is just there to establish that Fritz’ character, Trina, is bisexual. In a brief post-coital conversation, Scott’s character ask if Leanna’s partner Nikki knows that about Trina, and Trina says yes. Scott’s character is surprised because she says Nikki seems so “conservative.”

Written by D. Ray Morton and directed by David Nicholas, this episode guest-stars Kira Reed Lorsch as Josephine. She’s a woman who comes home one day, to find her husband Jeremy (Chris Villa) in bed with another woman (Stella Porter). She stomps out angrily and arrives at the bar, where she ends up telling her tale to Nikki (Tane McClure). Although saying she was in love with Jeremy, Josephine admits that she before him she had always been primarily attracted to and had relationships with women, not men. Eventually she admits that a major reason she convinced herself to start a relationship with a man was because she wanted to one day have children, and figured she try to do it “the right way,” and provide her children with a stable family. Nikki listens, and is also asks questions about Josephine’s past, how it was having sex with a man after only being with women.

Soon it’s closing time for the bar. Josephine realizes that she has nowhere to go, as she isn’t ready to go back home and face Jeremy yet. While Trina closes up the bar herself, Nikki offers to let Josephine spend the night at her place, and so they leave together. After their gone, Jeremy shows up looking for Josephine, saying he needs to apologize to her, but Trina lies to him, claiming she hasn’t seen her. Back at Nikki’s place, the two ladies relax on the couch, then Josephine starts massaging her feet, and one thing leads to another and the two ladies have passionate sex.

Interestingly, the whole thing is played off as if Nikki is initially reluctant, like she hadn’t been with a woman before. Yet we saw back in episode 2 that she had a threesome with a man and another woman, that involved at least some interaction between Nikki and the woman. But then this series isn’t always super-heavy on continuity. Anyway, the next morning, Nikki wakes up in bed alone. There’s a note left for her, which she reads, but we’re not shown what it says. Back at work, there’s a brief conversation between Nikki and Trina, who clearly has figured out what happened the night before, and is impressed with Nikki’s decision to broaden her horizons, so to speak.

Great episode. Tane, Nikki, and Kira are all some of the best actresses to appear in softcore, so having them together in this episode is a treat. As opposed to the regular three, we get 4 sex scenes. Two lesbian scenes, not only the opening with Fritz and Scott, but also the closer with McClure and Lorsch. There’s also the scene between Villa and Porter, and there’s also a scene between Villa and Lorsch (in a flashback when Josephine is describing her sex life with Jeremy to Nikki). All of them are hot, erotic, and worth watching. Chacebook rating: 5 STARS


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