NIGHTCAP episode 2: Vivid Imagination


Written by D. Ray Morton and directed by David Nicholas this episode is notable for being the one that introduced Nikki Fritz, as Nikki’s friend and partner, Trina, who also works as a waitress at the bar. Tane McClure takes the spotlight in this episode as her character, Nikki (clearly Nikki Fritz wasn’t planned to be cast in this series when they created it, as it would be weird to give another character her first name), is the focus of the story.

Nikki is in a casual, open-relationship with a man named Brad, who is played by Morgan Daniel. One day Brad proposes the possibility of the two of them having a threesome with another woman. Nikki isn’t sure about it, but isn’t totally opposed to the idea either, and tells Brad that she’ll think about it. At work, Nikki brings it up to Trina, who reveals that she’s done it in the past and liked it. Brandy Davis guest-stars as Kerry, a woman who comes into the bar one night. Kerry begins talking to Nikki about her relationship and, what a coincidence, it turns out that the guy she’s been dating has also suggested a threesome.

I’ll get to the point, being that the big PLOT TWIST is that Kerry is the other woman that Brad has been seeing. Kerry shows up at Brad’s apartment while he and Nikki are having dinner together, to the surprise of them all. But once introductions are out of the way, they all have their threesome. The End.

A good episode, which could have been a little better. There are three sex scenes, one with McClure and Daniel, one with Davis and Daniel (in a flashback scene), and then the threesome. It’s the threesome which needed some improvement, in my opinion. It starts with a rather awkward-looking chain with Brad going down on Kerry while Kerry goes down on Nikki. Then it switches to Brad laying on the bed as Kerry rides him cowgirl, while Nikki kneels behind Kerry, caressing her. So it’s a hot scene, but there isn’t much “threesome” action. Still, a nice-looking cast and well-directed episode, worth watching. Chacebook rating: 4 STARS


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