BEDTIME STORIES episode 3: First Love


Written by April White and Edward Gorsuch, and directed by R.Lord.

Gabriella Hall guest-stars in this episode as Lana, a woman who comes to Belle (Kim Sill) hoping that Belle can reunite her with her college boyfriend, David, whom Lana considers her first real love, but with whom she lost touch with after college. Even though Lana has a fulfilling live now, which includes plenty of dates with available men, she believes that the reason she never settles down with any one man is because in the back of her mind she always compares every man to David, and none of them can live up to her memory of him. So she wants to try to reconnect with David in order to see maybe she’s just idealizing him in her head, as “the one who got away,” and see if this makes it easier for her to move on. This, in turn, sparks Belle’s memories of her ex-boyfriend, Michael, a photographer who moved to Africa for a long assignment years earlier. He was Belle’s first love, whom she still occasionally reminisces about.


Belle successfully tracks down David and arranges for her and Lana to meet at Belle’s mansion alone one night, where the two instantly connect and resume their relationship. And then the big twist ending is that Belle meets her newest client, who happens to be Michael.

This was one of the better episodes of the series. This was helped by the cast. As I’ve stated before, this show was made during the era in which softcore actors were actually required to have acting talent, and not just look good naked. And everyone in this cast does both. This a general sincerity in both Kim Sill and Gabriella Hall in their scenes where they are commiserating over their past loves. Likewise both Micah Bradshaw, who plays David, and Jarod Carey, who plays Michael, are believable in their roles. Each couples displays real chemistry which makes them seem like real long-lost loves. And we get 4 hot sex scenes, two from each couple. Also there’s a possible tiny bit of continuity here (something which was rare for series like this) in that Michael says he was recommended to try Belle’s services by his friend “Lisa”, which could possibly be the character that Miyoko Fujimori played in the previous episode. Great work all around.

Chacebook rating: 5 STARS

Bedtime Stories: The Complete Cable Series 2000 Unrated

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