Sexy Wives Sinsations

Here’s a Jim Wynorski film that I thought I’d already reviewed, but it turns out I was getting it confused with Wynorski’s 2011 film SEXY WIVES SINDROME. I’d noted in that review that it had many similarities to Wynorski’s 2014 film SEXUALLY BUGGED! Well so does this film, which came out in 2013, in fact, it’s billed on IMDB as a sequel to Sexy Wives Sindrome, and references events of that film, so perhaps all three are meant to be a trilogy? Except despite using the same names for some characters, it doesn’t quite add up.

Frankie Cullen and Cindy Lucas star as Frank and Cindy, a couple of detectives who are sent to go undercover to this sex clinic. Michael Swan plays their captain, who refers to the “scandal” that happened at the clinic last summer, where Cindy says the head physician got life imprisonment without parole (that would be for the murder he committed). The clinic briefly closed by re-opened last Spring and several of their former patients have committed huge amounts of theft, stealing money from the jobs, or taking out all of their own money and running off. And when they get caught, the money is gone and they claim to have no memory of stealing it or why. The captain suspects the clinic is involved. So Frank and Cindy will go in as a married couple for “counseling.”

Ted Newsom (who appeared in non-sex roles in many softcore films and whom I just sadly learned died in 2020 of lung cancer at age 67) plays the new Professor/Doctor Jones who runs the clinic. And now Melissa Jacobs plays his assistant Doctor Anderson. Also working at the clinic are Kelly, a nurse played by Kylee Nash, and two maids, Lulu and Rosalyn, played by Samantha Ryan and Raven Alexis. Christine Nguyen and TJ Cummings play Linda and Jim Rushton, a married couple who have been at the clinic for 10 days, working on their sex life which had been faltering. But the clinic’s treatment, which appeared to entail simply giving them both lots of sex with other women, is making them much happier again (no kidding). Antonia Dorian plays Mrs. Miller, another patient at the clinic who is referred to but we don’t see her until the very end.

It becomes clear early on that Doctor Anderson indeed has some nefarious plans and has been hypnotizing patients, along with help from Lulu and Raven (Kelly and Doctor Jones are oblivious to this). We see them testing their mind control methods on the Rushtons (in between sex sessions), getting them ready to be released so they can steal for them. Frank and Cindy arrive at the clinic and begin receiving their own “treatments” as they plot to find a way to expose Doctor Anderson.

Okay, the story is pretty lame, and I’ll spoil it by saying yes, the good guys win in the end. But who cares? In the meantime, we get a bunch of smoking hot sex scenes!

There are 3 b/g scenes. One is shown in the opening credits featuring two uncredited actors that I don’t recognize. Frankie Cullen and Cindy Lucas have sex in a bubble bath (they figure that since they have to pretend to be husband and wife they should test each other out to make it realistic), and Frankie and Kylee Nash have sex.

There are 3 b/g/g scenes. TJ Cummings, Christine Nguyen, and Samantha Ryan have sex. Then TJ and Samantha have a sex scene with Raven Alexis. And Frankie Cullen, Cindy Lucas, and Melissa Jacobs have a sex scene.

And the remaining 5 scenes are all lesbian sex scenes with 2 or 3 girls. There’s Melissa Jacobs and Christine Nguyen. Samantha Ryan, Raven Alexis, and Cindy Lucas. Melissa, Samantha, and Raven in a hot tub. Samantha, Raven, and Christine by a fireplace. And Cindy and Kylee with Antonia Dorian in a jacuzzi.

So that’s 11 hot scenes with a bunch of gorgeous women. Yes, it’s the typical Jim Wynorski style of that time period, there’s fast techno-music during most of the scenes, and the women always smile and look directly at the camera when they’re finished, so if you’re a fan of his you’ll know what to expect and will be more than satisfied.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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