Animal Lust

This 2011 film from MRG Enrtainment/Mainline Releasing is directed by Robert Blossom. No writer is listed. But this is another softcore compilation film, where the studio took a bunch of previously filmed sex scenes from other movies and put them together, along with a few new scenes as a “framing sequence” to create a new movie.

Ann Marie Rios stars as Kitty. We don’t know what she does for a living, but she lives in a huge and extremaly nice house, somewhere in what appears to be the Hollywood Hills. The film opens with her starring out of her bedroom window watching her nextdoor named (played by Frankie Cullen) washing his car in his driveway. She then calls her friends Sarah and Lisa (Brynn Tyler and Amy Lindsay) to come over and talk. It turns out that Kitty is very shy when it comes to men. She wants to get to know her nieghbor, who is named Sean, but can’t even bring herself to say hi to him. So she called her friends for confidence-building. Lisa is in a new relationship with Mike (Chris Johnson) and their having sex all the time (they were doing it when Sarah called), while Lisa is in a long relationship with Rick (Billy Chappell) but has gotten bored (and, her friends say, a little bitter).  So the women sit outside with drinks and talk about the relationships of friends of theirs, and that’s where the older scenes are used as flashbacks.

Most of the time with films like this, they don’t credit the actors in the old sex scenes, so it’s not always easy for me to tell who is who, but this time I was able to track down the films the films that these scenes came from and get most of the names.

Eight scenes come from a film called CARNAL CRAVINGS which I’ve reveiwed bere before.There are five scenes featuring Tyler Faith and Danny Pape. Plus there is Dino Bravo with Monique Alexander, Dino Bravo with Cytherea, and then a scene that starts with Monique Alexander and Jassie making out before Jassie leaves and Dino and Monique have sex.

Sydnee Steel is in two scenes from a film called Insatiable Cravings which I possess but haven’t gotten around to watching in full or reviwing yet. One scene she masturbates alone in a bathtub and in another she has sex with Kevin Patrick.
possible and have never seen in full. Beverly Lynne has two scenes, one with Jonathan Gray and one with another man whom I don’t recognize. The other scenes are Glen Meadows and Julie Meadows (she doesn’t appear to be related to him), Glen Meadows and Kelli Tyler, Jonathan Gray and Julie Meadows, Maya Divine and Kelli Tyler and Maya Devine and a man whom I don’t recognize.

And there is one scene, Joe Souza and Kaylani Lei, from a movie called Bare Naked Desires which I also possess but haven’t reviewed yet.

There are three new sex scenes, the opening one with Brynn Tyler and Chris Johnson, one with Amy Lindsay and Billy Chappell, and in the end there is one between Ann Marie Rios and Frankie Cullen, as after her friends leave Kitty finally has the courage to introduce herself to Sean and of course that quickly leads to sex.

That’s a lot of sex scenes for one film and they’re pretty hot. The storyline for the framing sequence is pretty filmsy but it’s good enough to justify the placement of the old scenes, so it accomplishes it’s goal. The film gets a Chacebook rating of FOUR STARS. 

Jason Majercik is selling this UNRATED DVD for $26.99. Email him at for his softcore inventory list

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