Carnal Cravings

Released in 2006, this film, which was written by April White and Edward Gorsuch and directed by J.W. McHausen, featuring the legendary Monique Parent as Natalie, who is a…sex therapist? Or teacher? Counselor? It’s not exactly clear, at least not to me. But Natalie teaches a class for women which is supposed to be about sex. Like, how to have better and more satisfying sex lives. This film focuses on three women who have recently signed up for her class.

Tyler Faith plays Sharon, who lives with Rob (Danny Pape). They’re both high-powered lawyers and so are often too busy to have sex as much they want.
Monique Alexander plays Debbie, she’s in a relationship with Mitch (Dino Bravo) and they seem happy, although Mitch is still married, but separated from his wife.
And Jassie plays Brooke, who is in a relationship with Jeff (Billy Chappell), they seem to have an active sex life but also fight a lot.

So the basic premise of the film is Natalie giving the women various bits of advice on how to spice up their sex lives and then we see the women try to follow her advice with their men, to varied results. The biggest bit of drama comes midway during the film when Debbie catches Mitch having sex with his wife, which then sends her running into the arms of Brooke and Jeff.  Eventually Natalie convinces the women to bring their men along to one of her classes (all of which take place at her house), where every hooks up and alls well that ends well.

It’s not the deepest plot, I’d admit, but it does provide for some natural transitions to sex scenes, and we get a bunch of hot scenes in this film.

Tyler Faith and Danny Pape have 5 scenes, the highlight of which is a scene that takes place in a bathtub.

Jassie and Billy Chappell have 2 scenes.

Monique Alexander and Dino Bravo have 1 scene.

Dino also has 1 scene with adult film star Cytherea, who plays his estranged wife.

There is the aforementioned threesome with Jassie, Monique Alexander and Billy Chappell.

And there is a foursome in a hot tub. Although it’s not really a foursome. Jassie and Billy Chappell have sex and Monique Alexander and Dino Bravo have sex while next to each other. But other than some brief kissing between the ladies, the couples don’t interact with each other or swamp partners.

Monique Parent also has a brief masturbation scene where she exposes her breasts. Giving her an actual sex scene with a partner could have made this film even better.

This film definitely comes off like one of those “for couples” films, since there is a heavy emphasis on romance and relationships. All the sex scenes are shot softly. Tyler Faith is an adult film star and she does a good job in this, which looks like it may be her first softcore role. Monique Alexander and Jassie were likewise adult film stars, who had more experience in softcore, and I think that helps them make their sex scenes look so realistic. This is a film worth watching.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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